“Revenue $4.7 B As of December 2013

At a Glance

  • Industry: Telecommunications Services
  • Founded: 2000
  • Country: United States
  • CEO: Kevin Kennedy
  • CFO: Anthony Massetti
  • Website: www.avaya.com
  • Employees: 17,000 e
  • Fiscal Year End: Sep 30, 2013
  • Sales: $4.7 B e
  • Headquarters: Basking Ridge, NJ

Forbes Lists

#81 America’s Largest Private Companies


Avaya is an enterprise communications company, with roots in Lucent Technologies, AT&T, and Western Electric. Initially offering products like office switchboards and desk phones, the company has turned its specialty to Internet Protocol (IP) telephony systems, the transmission and reception of voice, fax, and video over Internet data lines, as well as wireless data communications and customer-relationship-management (CRM) software. In October of 2007, Silver Lake and TPG Capital acquired Avaya in an $8.3 billion transaction. Avaya serves more than one million business customers with its two segments, Avaya Global Services and Global Communications Solutions.”

The Avaya story

Avaya is known as a leader in helping organizations around the world succeed by integrating communications with business strategy and operations. In fact, Avaya came about as an independent company so it could bring even more focus to innovating in business communications.

In 1995, the company that would become Avaya was part of Lucent Technologies. Before that it had been part of AT&T. No matter its corporate parent, the employees were dedicated to understanding how communications could be a management tool, getting better and changing as business changed.

In 2000, Lucent’s management decided to spin off this business, which was then known as its enterprise communications group. The objective was to give the people who knew the business best the flexibility and focus to accelerate innovation and improve operations.

First a Name

A new company needs a new name and we were no exception.  Management chose the name Avaya to set the company apart and capture what it was doing – focusing on communications solutions for business customers. At the time we announced the name we said: “Avaya sounds open and fluid—reflecting a company that’s open-minded and that provides seamless, effortless interconnections among people and businesses.”

Avaya Inc., with the stock symbol, AV, became an independent company and started trading on the New York Stock Exchange on October 2, 2000. Since then Avaya has stayed at the forefront of innovation.

In October 2007, Avaya became a privately-held company when it was acquired by Silver Lake and TPG Capital. This move provided Avaya an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate its strategy, act boldly in the marketplace, and serve customers with even greater innovation and responsiveness.”

*Information from Forbes.com and Avaya.com

**Video published on YouTube by “Avaya