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 Avago Technologies Ltd. designs, develops and supplies a broad range of analog semiconductor devices with a focus on III-V-based products. Its portfolio includes wireless communications, wired infrastructure, industrial and automotive electronics. The company’s applications for products include smartphones, consumer appliances, data networking and telecommunications equipment, enterprise storage and servers, power generation and renewable energy systems, factory automation, displays and printers. Avago Technologies was founded in 1961 and is headquartered in Singapore.


Avago Technologies has a 50-year heritage of technical innovation. Over the years, we have assembled a diverse team of highly talented engineers and developed a rich product and intellectual property portfolio enabling us to excel and lead in the markets we serve.

Technology Leadership and Business Milestones through the Decades

  • Avago acquired CyOptics.
  • Shipped more than 350 million embedded SerDes channels in ASICs and ASSPs
  • Demonstration of 32G SerDes performance in 28nm CMOS
  • Avago acquired Javelin Semiconductor.
  • Introduction of 150G/168G MicroPOD and MiniPOD solutions
  • World’s first 100G CFP2 SR10 optical transceiver
  • Introduction of Vortex Gearbox family of 28nm CMOS 100G Ethernet/OTN PHYs
  • Industry’s first precision optical Isolation amplifiers optimized for voltage sensing
  • Industry’s first 28 nm 25 Gbps long reach compliant ASIC SerDes for networking equipment
  • Announced Fiscal Year 2011 revenue of $2.3 billion; continued payments of regular interim dividends; completed secondary offerings leaving private equity firms holding under 12% of the company’s shares
  • Announced market’s first WiMAX coexistence front-end module for simplified design of smartphones and other portable electronics
  • Unveiled the market’s first optical transceiver platform with 14-Gbps per lane performance, including 16G Fibre Channel SFP+ modules for storage applications and four-channel QSFP+ modules for networking applications; Demonstrated the world’s first multi-Gigabit optical interconnect for consumer applications
  • First to demonstrate 30-Gbps embedded SerDes performance in 28 nm CMOS technology for ASICs used in networking, computing, and storage applications; Surpassed 150 million SerDes channels shipped
  • Introduced the industry’s smallest three-channel reflective encoder and highest-resolution Hall-effect magnetic encoder for industrial applications
  • Expanded industry-leading optocoupler portfolio with a new generation of gate drive devices that deliver best-in-class performance for industrial applications and new automotive-grade devices for hybrid and electrical vehicles
  • Raised the bar for viewing-quality of electronic signage and full-color displays with the market’s brightest oval through-hole LEDs
  • Announced the Fiscal Year 2010 revenue of $2.1 billion; declared the company’s first interim dividend; completed the redemption of the company’s remaining Senior Subordinated Notes, leaving Avago essentially debt-free for the first time
  • First to demonstrate 28-Gbps embedded SerDes performance in 40 nm CMOS technology for ASICs used in networking, computing, and storage applications
  • Unveiled a four-channel parallel optic QSFP+ transceiver – the market’s first optical module to enable multimode 40-Gbps Ethernet uplink applications; Demonstrated the industry’s first CXP parallel optic transceiver solution fully compliant to industry standards
  • Announced the world’s first 4G/LTE Band 7 duplexer, bringing optimized quality of voice service and battery life of FBAR technology to emerging mobile handsets and data terminals
  • Introduced the fastest, most energy-efficient embedded interconnect technology of its kind, an embedded fiber optic solution developed in collaboration with IBM to handle the high-speed data rate requirements of the world’s most powerful supercomputers
  • Unveiled compact MicroPOD™ embedded parallel optic solution with an aggregate bandwidth of up to 150 Gbps for short-range data and communication interconnect applications
  • Avago introduced a new miniature Optical Finger Navigation input system for cell phones and portable electronic devices
  • Introduced industry’s first Direct Current (DC) to 80 GHz Traveling Wave Amplifier for microwave radio systems and satellite Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) applications
  • Announced high-performance touch screen interface technology for Smart Phones and portable electronic communications devices
  • Avago unveiled its advanced embedded optical engine technology to enable high-speed connectivity in a wide range of electronic computing and consumer applications
  • August 6, 2009, Avago completes IPO on NASDAQ, stock symbol: AVGO
  • Avago’s optical mouse shipments exceed one billion
  • Avago acquires Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) business from Infineon
  • Avago was first to demonstrate 20Gbps serialization/de-serialization (SerDes) performance in 40nm silicon for data center applications
  • Introduced the world’s smallest radio frequency (RF) amplifier for use in a variety of architectures with innovative WaferCap chip-scale technology
  • Avago completes acquisition of Nemicon to complement its motion control product line
  • First to market with next-generation 10 Gbps Ethernet SFP short reach transceivers for next-generation networking equipment
  • Avago becomes first company to offer SerDes supporting Intel™ QuickPath™ Interconnect
  • Avago announced new FBAR-based quintplexer which brings single antenna, simultaneous GPS and voice to mobile handsets  – company FBAR shipments exceed 500 million
  • Avago acquires fiber business from Infineon
  • Avago shattered data throughput barriers with 100 Gigabit Ethernet parallel optics technology demonstration
  • Shipped 600 millionth optical mouse sensor, 25 millionth ASIC embedded SerDes channel and one-millionth RoHS-compliant fiber optic transceiver module
  • Delivered industry’s first high-speed digital optocouplers targeted for hybrid and electric vehicle applications
  • Demonstrated high-performance 12.5 Gbps ASIC embedded SerDes core in 65 nm Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) process
  • December: Avago Technologies is established creating the world’s largest privately held independent semiconductor company
  • KKR and Silver Lake Partners acquire Agilent’s Semiconductor Products Group (SPG) for $2.66 billion.
  • Shipped 400 millionth optical mouse sensor
  • 10 millionth lead-free optocoupler shipped in the first year of product availability
  • 100th mobile phone design win for FBAR duplexer and transmit filter
  • Shipped 4 millionth Tachyon Fibre Channel controller, 300 millionth optical mouse sensor, 25 millionth camera module for mobile phones, 400 millionth imaging ASIC, 10 millionth ASIC embedded SerDes channel, 10 millionth E-pHEMT power amplifier for mobile phones
  • Shipped 200 millionth optical mouse sensor and 20 millionth FBAR duplexer
  • Shipped more than 500,000 E-pHEMT power amplifier modules per month
  • Acquired RedSwitch, adding expertise in InfiniBand and RapidIO to our product portfolio
  • Shipped 100 millionth optical mouse sensor
  • Shipped 30 millionth optical mouse sensor, 100 millionth system-on-a-chip, and 2.5 millionth small form-factor fiber optic transceiver
  • Over 4 million fiber optic transceivers (with MT-RJ connectors) shipped worldwide
  • Semiconductor Products Group (SPG) formed to increase leverage of core semiconductor competencies to fulfill customer requirements across a broad range of emerging technologies and standards
  • Release of our optical mouse sensor helped to eliminate the need for mousepads, and enabled the creation of a more precise and longer-lasting computer mouse
  • Introduced the world’s brightest LED with the combination of bright output, reliability and low power consumption — it replaces incandescent lamps in many new applications
  • Introduced the industry’s first low-cost, high-speed small infrared transceiver which allows wireless ‘point and shoot’ data exchange in a wide range of portable computing applications such as phones, computers, printers, cash registers, ATMs, digital cameras, and more
  • Introduced the first fiber optic transmitters and receivers for data communications
  • Introduced the first commercially available light-emitting diode (LED) dot matrix displays
  • Developed breakthrough gallium-arsenide-phosphide (GaAsP) LEDs, which would prove useful in many applications, including alphanumeric displays for handheld devices and, eventually, stoplights and signage.

*Information from Forbes.com and Avagotech.com

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