Brightstar profile and corporate video

 Brightstar is a global wireless distributor, mainly servicing the wireless and IT industry with inventory management, fulfillment, customized packaging and after-sales support. The company is also a wholesale distributor of cell phones made by Motorola, Sony Ericsson and LG. Brightstar operates sales and distribution facilities in 50 countries and territories. Brightstar is the largest Hispanic-owned business in the U.S.”

“About Brightstar

“What is the brightest star?

Are you thinking the North Star, or the planet Venus? Yes, they’re bright. But the brightest star in our solar system is the SUN – and it is 7 billion times brighter than the next brightest star! Brightstar is the global leader in specialized wireless distribution and diversified services for the wireless industry. Like the sun, we outshine the competition.

“We didn’t know you did that.”

Through Brightstar’s services and solutions, we touch almost every aspect of a wireless device somewhere in its lifecycle. We distribute product and manage inventory. We help businesses promote and sell product, both in-store and online. We recycle product and help resell it. And that’s not all: we meet consumers’ growing needs for device protection, replacement, trade-in and financing.

How can Brightstar help?

We take service and our leadership role seriously. We push the envelope, learn, adapt and look forward on behalf of our customers, consumers and the wireless industry. We operate around the world and in the most complex of markets.

We’re Brightstar. Serving wireless.”

*Information from Forbes.com and Brightstarcorp.com

**Video published on YouTube by “brightstarcorp