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     Caltex Australia Ltd. is a transport fuel supplier, convenience retailer and an integrated oil refining and marketing company. The company offers a large range of products, including premium fuels, diesel, biofuel blends, lubricants, and low aromatic blends. Its card portfolio, encompassing StarCard, StarFleet, and StarCash. It purchases, refines, distributes and markets petroleum products. The company sources the supply of both crude oil and refined products on the international market and refines crude oil into petrol, diesel, jet fuel, base oil for lubricants and various products, such as petroleum gas and bitumen. It supplies products through a network of pipelines, terminals, depots and the company-owned and contracted transport fleet. The company operates through two segments: Marketing and Refining & Supply. Caltex Australia was founded in 1900 and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

    “Caltex Australia History

    As an oil-importing company, our roots go all the way back to 1900. The Caltex name itself however, has been in Australia for almost seventy years.

    Our long history began years ago when the all-Australian oil importer Ampol, was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in the late 1940s. Both Caltex and Ampol opened refineries in the 1950s and 1960s, and the two companies competed fiercely in the service station arena and oil product marketing industry. As time went on, Ampol acquired Total and Caltex went on to acquire Golden Fleece.

    Despite these developments, Caltex and Ampol were still relatively small. Eventually, their 1995 merger helped the company become the largest refiner-marketer in Australia.

    What sets the company apart from other refiner-marketers in Australia is that we’re an Australian company that operates independently, with all decisions made by the management and the Board in Australia. The company listed on the ASX and have around 3,500 employees working across the country.”

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