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     Cameron International Corp. manufactures valves, chokes and blowout preventers. It provides flow equipment products, systems and services to worldwide oil, gas and process industries. The company works with drilling contractors, oil and gas producers, pipeline operators, refiners and other process owners to control, direct, adjust, process, measure and compress pressures and flows. It operates business through three segments Drilling and Production Systems, Valves and Measurement and Process and Compression Systems. The Drilling and Production Systems segment includes businesses that provide systems and equipment used to control pressures and direct flows of oil and gas wells. The Valves and Measurement segment includes businesses that provide valves and measurement systems primarily used to control, direct and measure the flow of oil and gas as they are moved from individual wellheads through flow lines, gathering lines and transmission systems to refineries, petrochemical plants and industrial centers for processing. The Process and Compression Systems segment includes businesses that provide standard and custom-engineered process packages for separation and treatment of impurities within oil and gas and compression equipment and aftermarket parts and services to the oil, gas and process industries. It markets its equipment under various trade names, including Cameron, Cooper-Bessemer, Ajax, Willis, W-K-M, NATCO and LeTourneau. Cameron International was founded in 1833 and is headquartered in Houston, TX.

    “Cameron History

    Cameron’s business legacies predate the beginnings of the world’s modern petroleum industry. The story begins in American’s pioneer days, more than 177 years ago, when in 1833 the Cooper brothers, Charles and Elias, opened a small, one-horse powered foundry in Mount Vernon, Ohio. From the birth of the industrial revolution, a tradition of leadership was forged. Today, the trust of our customers place in Cameron people, products, systems and services reflects that continued leadership.

    From these beginnings, Cameron today incorporates the traditions and strengths of many outstanding companies, including true pioneers in the industry, such as Cameron Iron Works dating from 1920, and others that rose to leading market positions in more recent times. Together, these legacies form the basis our broad suite of proven product brand names surrounding our common entity trade name, CAMERON. The company is forged of tradition and refined by experience.”

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