CJ Group history and corporate video

CJ Group History

In October 2002, CJ Group was launched and the official name of the company changed to ‘CJ Co., Ltd’. In September 2007, CJ Co., Ltd again spun off as a business holding company renaming to ‘CJ CheilJedang Co., Ltd’ and CJ Group became a holding company for a number of food and entertainment-related subsidiaries based in South Korea. It consists of four main core businesses: Food & Food Service, Bio Pharmaceutics, Entertainment Media, and Home Shopping & Logistics.

Lee Jay-Hyun has been chairman of CJ Group since March 2002. His older sister Lee Mi-kyoung is the vice chairman of the company.

Starting from May 2007, CJ Group announced that it will be hiring more women in the company. It also announced that it will be doubling their allowance time for women who need to go on leave due to pregnancy. (Maternity Leave). Korean law requires women be allowed up to 90 days of maternity leave. However, CJ has extended this time to one year.

In 2010, CJ Media, CJ Entertainment, Mnet media, On-Media and CJ Internet merged to form O Media Holdings, which became CJ E&M in March 2011. Since then, CJ E&M has been highly influential in its contribution to Korean pop culture and the “Korean Wave”(Korean: hallyu), a phenomenon of the spread of Korean culture, through the creation of successful TV programs such as “Superstar K,”, “Respond 1997”, and films such as “Masquerade”. Since introducing the first multiplex theaters, CGV, in 1988 to South Korea, the company has been developing what it calls “cultureplex”, a space where eateries, performance halls, shops and multiplex theaters come together to provide a more rich cultural experience to consumers, CGV Cheongdam Cine City, which opened in 2011 being an example.

Global Expansion

CEO Lee Jay-Hyun has announced 2013 to be the start of CJ’s full-fledged global expansion efforts, setting 2020 as their goal of achieving its vision of “Great CJ”. By 2020, the conglomerate hopes to reach 100 trillion won in sales, 70 percent of which they expect will come from abroad, and to grow into the world’s No.1 at least two of its core businesses. As of 2013, CJ has penetrated into the global market throughout Japan, China, Europe, the U.S. and South America(especially Brazil).”

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**Video published on YouTube by “CJ Freshway