Luzhou Laojiao Company

    Luzhou Laojiao Company Limite history, profile and corporate video

       Luzhou Laojiao Company Limited is a liquor, wine and spirits manufacturer headquartered in Luzhou, southern Sichuan, China.


       The distillery was established in 1573 (in the Ming dynasty).

       In 1994, “Luzhou Qu Distillery in Sichuan Province” was restructured and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and it was officially renamed “Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd.”.

       In 2000, Luzhou Laojiao Group Co., Ltd. (a wholly state-owned enterprise) was established.

       In 2019, Luzhou Laojiao became a sponsor of the Australian Open tennis tournament.


    • National Cellar 1573;
    • Luzhou Laojiao 1952;
    • Luzhou Laojiao Special Qu;
    • Luzhou Laojiao Cellar-aged wine;
    • Gao Guang (Highlights);
    • Luzhou old cellar (Head song);
    • Luzhou Laojiao Erqu (Two songs);
    • Luzhou Laojiao Health And Wellness Wine (Yangshengjiu);
    • Luzhou Laojiao Bai Diao (100 tones);
    • Luzhou Laojiao Ding Zhi Jiu (Bespoke wine).

       With more than 300 employees, Luzhou Laojiao Company Limited is considered the founder of the fragrant culture. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World.

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    **Video published on YouTube by “La Maison du Baijiu Famanni“.



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