Cosan Limited history, profile and corporate video

 Cosan Limited is a Brazil-based holding company primarily engaged in the distribution and commercialization of fuels. Through its subsidiary Cosan SA Industria e Comercio, the Company is active in five segments. In the Raizen Fuels segment, the Company is involved in the distribution and marketing of fuel through a network of franchised gasoline stations under brand names Shell and Esso. In the Raizen Energy segment, it is active in the production and sale of various products derived from sugarcane, including very high polarity sugar (VHP sugar) and ethanol, as well as in the energy cogeneration from sugarcane bagasse and research and development of new technologies. Through Rumo segment, it is involved in logistic services, such as storage and port operations. In the Cosan Food segment, the Company is active in the sale of food under brands Uniao and Da Barra. Additionally, through the Cosan Other segment, it is active in the distribution and marketing of lubricants.”

“Cosan History

Our journey began in Piracicaba, São Paulo State over 70 years ago, with the Costa Pinto sugar mill that now produces sugar and ethanol. Over the years, we have consistently grown, modernized our operations, made strategic acquisitions, and become one of the industry’s largest sugar-ethanol groups.

Non-stop growth has enabled diversification into key sectors for Brazil such as energy and infrastructure.

Looking forward, we have expanded our portfolio, which ranges from sugar and ethanol production, co-generation, fuel distribution, and production of base oils and lubricants, to a logistics system taking agricultural exports from the field to the Port of Santos on the São Paulo State coast. We also manage agricultural properties.

On every front, we have shown our ongoing commitment to good, responsible management practices and sustainable practices.”

*Information from Forbes.com and Cosan.com.br

**Video published on vimeo by “Cosan