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     Iberdrola SA is a holding company, which engages in generation, distribution, trading, and marketing of electricity worldwide. The company operates though four business segments: Network Business, Wholesale & Retail Business, Renewable Energy Business and Other Businesses. The Global Networks Business segment engages in the transmission and distribution of energy businesses, as well as those of any other regulated nature, originating in Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States and Brazil. The Wholesale & Retail Business segment engages in wholesale and retail of electricity in Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Continental Europe. The Renewable Energy Business segment engages in the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources worldwide. It also focuses on the storage and supply of gas and electricity in the United States. The Other Businesses segment includes Ingenieria y Construccion and Inmobiliaria. The Ingenieria y Construccion is a power engineering company, which installations for electrical power generation, distribution and control in Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America. Its services include project management in all stages, turnkey projects and operational support. The Inmobiliaria offers a wide range of products from first homes to holiday homes, offices, factory premises and shopping centers. Iberdrola was founded by Juan de Urrutia on July 19, 1901 and is headquartered in Bilbao, Spain.

    Iberdrola History


    A large company whose commitment to social development is reflected in the documentary directed by Julio Medem,Iberdrola in the days of the Waltz, and in the new campaignWe are with you, which reveals the ongoing work that will enable us to continue making history together.

    Since the incorporation of HIDROELÉCTRICA IBÉRICA in 1901 —integrated since 1944 into IBERDUERO—, and later of HIDROELÉCTRICA ESPAÑOLA in 1907, up to their merger in 1991, creating today’s IBERDROLA, both companies shared a history of accomplishments, recognition and innovation. With the integration of ScottishPower and IBERDROLA USA (before Energy East), and the consequent creation of a large global group, this past has been enriched: IBERDROLA’S roots now sink into the 21st century, to the other side of the Atlantic. In pursuit of its aims, IBERDROLA has embarked on a fresh phase of growth in 2011, mainly in the international sphere, and has signalled its intentions with the purchase of the Brazilian company Elektro.

    International expansion has increased in 2014 developing numerous projects on distribution, renewable energy and R&D, and reaching new areas like the Middle East, when highlights the initiative to install smart grid in Qatar.

    This pioneering effort was the inspiration that has turned IBERDROLA into one the four largest electricity companies in the world and the top energy group in our country.

    The combination of endeavour, talent, experience and competitiveness from this integration has resulted in a group active in nearly 40 countries with 28,201 employees(*) and almost 32 million customers. With numerous challenges on the horizon and a large project pipeline, IBERDROLA is set to continue making history.”

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