Veritiv Corporation – history, company profile (overview) and corporate video

       Veritiv Corporation is a provider of packaging, print and facility solutions, including package design, supply chain management, cleaning supplies, and paper products. It is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.


       The history of Veritiv goes back to 1998 when Unisource Worldwide was formed after splitting off from Alco Standard Corporation.

       In 1998, International Paper formed xpedx division.

       In 2014, Unisource Worldwide merged with xpedx to form Veritiv, an independent public print, packaging, facility, and logistics solutions business.

       In 2014, Veritiv also went public.

       In 2017, Veritiv acquired All American Containers (AAC). Veritiv’s packaging container business, formerly AAC, became one of the largest suppliers of glass, plastic, and metal containers, plastic and metal closures, tubes, and dispensers in the United States.

       In 2020, Veritiv launched Vine, an internal agency that focuses on brand development services and customer-driven design solutions.

       In 2022, Veritiv completed the sale of Canadian operations to Imperial Dade. It also completed the sale of Veritiv Logistics Solutions to Fitzmark

       In 2023, Veritiv Corporation became a private company.

       In 2024, Veritiv acquired Vivabox Solutions, a full-service provider of customized, premium marketing solutions, including tailored, multi-brand kitting solutions and packaging products for luxury and premium consumer brands.

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       In 2024, Veritiv also acquired Ameripac, one of the leading providers of turnkey contract packaging and fulfillment services helping customers in a variety of high-growth segments, including cosmetics and personal care.

       With more than 6,000 employees, Veritiv Corp. is considered one of the leading companies in packaging, print, and game-changing facilities solutions.

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