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       Det Norske Veritas (DNV), formerly DNV GL, is an independent assurance and risk management provider headquartered in Høvik, Norway. DNV AS is one of the world’s leading classification societies and a recognized advisor for the maritime industry.

       The company delivers testing, certification and technical advisory services to the energy value chain, including renewables, oil and gas, and energy management. DNV is one of the world’s leading certification bodies.

       It is also one of the world’s leading providers of digital solutions for managing risk and improving safety and asset performance for ships, pipelines, processing plants, offshore structures, electric grids, smart cities, and others.

       The company’s open industry assurance platform, Veracity, provides cyber security and software solutions to support business activities across many industries, including maritime, energy, and healthcare.


       DNV’s history goes back to 1864, when DNV (Det Norske Veritas) was founded as a membership organization in Oslo, Norway, by mutual marine insurance clubs. DNV established a uniform set of rules and procedures to assess the condition and seaworthiness of vessels so that risk can be managed and the right insurance premium set for both ships and their cargo.

       In 1867, Germanischer Lloyd (GL) was founded in Hamburg, Germany, by a group of 600 ship owners, shipbuilders, and insurers.

       In 2013, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Germanischer Lloyd (GL) merged, and the company changed its name to DNV GL.

       In 2021, DNV GL was renamed to DNV.

       In 1898, DNV opened its first office in the US and expanded its presence to ports across the globe.  

       In 1914, the company attended the first meeting of what was to become the International Treaty on the Safety of Life at Sea, held after the sinking of the Titanic.  

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       In 1953, the company established a research department and started pioneering an analytical and scientific approach to shipbuilding.

       In 1969, it bought the largest computer in Norway and developed the first software solution for design and optimization of ships and offshore structures.  

       In 1970, oil and gas was discovered in the North Sea, and the company assigned most of the building supervision and inspection on the Norwegian continental shelf.

       In 1976, DNV published the world’s first pipeline rules.

       In 1977, wind energy was introduced as a new business segment, and new rules for wind turbine design were developed.

       In 1987, the ISO 9000 quality management standards were introduced, and DNV became one of the leading companies to certify corporations’ quality and environmental management systems.

       In 1994, the company started certifying medical devices in the EU.  

       In 2008, DNV became authorized to certify quality standards in US hospitals.

       In 2010, the company certified more than 6,000 food and beverage companies.

       In 2012, DNV acquired KEMA and became one of the world’s leading advisors and certifiers of cleaner energy, power generation, transmission and distribution.

       In 2013, after the merger between DNV and Germanischer Lloyd (GL), DNV GL became one of the world’s leading classification societies. The merger also made DNV one of the world’s leading providers of certification and advisory services to the energy sector.  

       In 2017, DNV launched Veracity, an independent platform and marketplace for industry data.

       In 2023, DNV acquired Nixu, a provider of cyber security services in Europe.


    • Advisory
    • Software
    • Certification
    • Classification
    • Cyber security
    • Data and analytics
    • Inspection
    • Verification and assurance
    • Training
    • Testing

       With over 15,000 employees and operating in more than 100 countries, DNV AS is considered one of the world’s leading classification societies.

    Det Norske Veritas (DNV) – History and Company profile (overview)

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