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    Moody’s Corporation history, profile and corporate video

       Moody’s Corporation is a global integrated risk assessment and financial services company headquartered in New York City, United States.


       The company’s origins date back to 1900 when John Moody founded Moody’s, publishing Moody’s Manual of Industrial and Miscellaneous Securities.

       After selling its initial business due to a shortage of capital during the 1907 financial crisis, John Moody established a new company named Moody’s Analyses Publishing Company, publishing a new publication focused solely on railroad bonds, Analysis of Railroad Investments.

       In 1962, Moody’s Investors Service was acquired by Dun & Bradstreet, a company engaged in the related field of credit reporting.

       In 1994, Moody’s acquired Docutronics and Financial Proformas, Inc.

       In 1999, Moody’s established a cooperative relationship with China’s Dagong Global Credit Rating Company.

       In 2000, Dun & Bradstreet spun off Moody’s Investors Service into a separate publicly-traded company. In this way, Moody’s Corporation is formed and listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

       In 2002, the quantitative risk-modeling firm, KMV, was acquired.

       In 2005, the company acquired the provider of economic research and data services,

       In 2006, it acquired Wall Street Analytics, Inc., a developer of sophisticated structured finance analysis and monitoring software.

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       In 2007, a majority stake in the Israeli credit rating agency Midroog Ltd. was acquired.     

       In 2008, Moody’s Analytics was formed. Moody’s also acquired the provider of training services Enb Consulting Limited, and the provider of risk and performance management software to the global banking sector, Fermat International.

       In 2010, Moody’s acquired the Canadian Securities Institute, a training services provider, and Commercial Mortgage Metrics, an analytical model for assessing default and recovery risk for commercial real estate.

       In 2011, Moody’s acquired Barrie & Hibbert Limited, a provider of insurance risk management modeling tools, and a majority stake in Copal Partners, a provider of financial research and analytics services. Through Copal Partners, the company also acquired Amba Research, an investment research and analytics firm.

       In 2014, Moody’s acquired WebEquity Solutions, a provider of cloud-based lending platforms, and Lewtan Technologies, a provider of data and analytics solutions for securitized assets acquired.

       In 2015, the company acquired Equilibrium, a provider of credit rating and research services in Peru and other countries in Latin America.

       In 2016, Moody’s acquired GGY, a provider of advanced actuarial software for the global life insurance industry. It also invests in Finagraph, a provider of automated financial data collection and business intelligence solutions.

       In 2017, Moody’s acquired Bureau van Dijk, a global provider of business intelligence and company information. It also invests in SecurityScorecard, a provider of cybersecurity ratings and CompStak, a platform for crowdsourced commercial real estate data.

       In 2018, Moody’s acquired Reis, Inc., a provider of U.S. commercial real estate data, and a minority stake in ICR Chile, a provider of domestic credit ratings in Chile. It also invests in QuantCube Technology, a provider of real-time, AI-based predictive analytics, and Team8 Partners II, L.P., a think tank specializing in cybersecurity and data resilience.

       In 2019, Moody’acquired RiskFirst, a FinTech company providing risk analytic solutions and a majority stake in Four Twenty Seven, Inc., (427) a provider of data, intelligence, and analysis related to physical climate risks. That year, the domestic ratings platform Moody’s Local was launched.

       In 2020, Moody’s acquired Regulatory DataCorp, a provider of anti-money laundering and know-your-customer data and due diligence services.


    Moody’s Companies

    • Moody’s Investors Service – provides credit ratings and research;
    • Moody’s Analytics – provides data, analytics and insights;
    • Moody’s Local – provides domestic credit ratings in Latin America;
    • Moody’s Foundation – directs corporate philanthropy and sponsors employee giving and volunteer programs.

    Regional Ratings

    • ICRA
    • Midroog
    • China Chengxin International Credit Rating Co. (CCXI)
    • ICR Chile
    • MERIS (Middle East Rating & Investors Service)
    • Malaysian Rating Corporation Berhad (MARC)


    • Four Twenty Seven (427)
    • Vigeo Eiris (V.E)
    • MioTech Technology
    • SynTao Green Finance
    • Fathom

    Commercial Real Estate

    • REIS (Real Estate Solutions)
    • Catylist
    • CompStak
    • Remine
    • Rockport VAL


    • SecurityScorecard
    • BitSight Technologies


    • Canadian Securities Institute (CSI)
    • Omega performance
    • RBA International

    Private Company & Know-Your-Customer Data

    • acquiremedia
    • Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing
    • cortera
    • rdc smarter screening

    Enterprise Risk Solutions

    • RMS
    • ZM Financial Systems
    • AXIS
    • Barrie & Hibbert
    • WebEquity Solutions
    • Fermat International
    • KMV Corporation

    Economics, Structured Data & Analytics

    • Wall Street Analytics
    • Lewtan Technologies
    • ABS Suite

    Artificial Intelligence

    • QuantCube Technology

    Venture Fund Investments

    • Team8 – cyber security fund
    • Team8 – fintech fund
    • nyca

       With over 13,000 employees in more than 40 countries, Moody’s Corporation is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World, according to Forbes.

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