Mansfield Oil  history, profile and corporate video

Mansfield Oil supplies and delivers fuel throughout the continental United States. Through a network of refiners, suppliers, terminals and carriers, the company provides a single-source supply of gasoline, biofuels and other alternative fuel products to its commercial, industrial and retail customers.”

“Mansfield Oil History

Where We Started
Mansfield is an established leader in the petroleum marketing, fuel supply, and convenience store industries. We got our start in 1957 and have consistently grown over the past 57 years. Today, Mansfield delivers more than three and a half billion gallons of fuel every year to clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Building Client Relationships
We have built our business upon our client relationships. Our clients appreciate the fact that we provide the highest quality services available in the fuel industry. As we serve their fuel supply and management needs, they know that in Mansfield, they have a provider they can trust.

Advancing Fuel Procurement
Mansfield was one of the first businesses in the petroleum industry to help clients manage their petroleum supply chain. We create a profile of each of our client’s sites based on fuel usage patterns and other strategic objectives. Using technology and data aggregation, we purchase fuel on behalf of all our clients.

A Foundation for Success
Today, Mansfield maintains supply and distribution agreements throughout the country. Our success results from a thorough understanding of the industry, a commitment to improvement and growth, and our history of long-term, mutually profitable client relationships.”

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**Video published on YouTube by “Mansfield Oil