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 Arthur W. Perdue founded Perdue Farms in 1920 but the company gained national attention as a brand name in the 1970s when son and successor, Franklin P. Perdue, became television pitchman for the company. Today, Jim Perdue, grandson of the founder, is the chief executive and the face of Perdue on television. The company sells chicken and turkey products to food retailers and food service companies in the Eastern and Midwestern U.S. and exports poultry products to more than 70 foreign countries around the world. Perdue runs two soybean-processing plants that produce vegetable oils and ingredients for animal feed.”

“Perdue History

How it all began

Arthur W. Perdue, a hard working railway express agent on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, noticed that the most prosperous farmers were those shipping table eggs. He also noticed Pearl Parsons. In 1917, he wed Pearl, and decided to become a poultry man. Pearl tended a backyard flock of layers adjacent to the couple’s new home in Salisbury, while Arthur saved up enough money to go into the poultry business full time.

The PERDUE® Brand: A Tradition of Innovation

In the very early years of our company, company-founder Arthur Perdue crossbred the best available stock to provide farmers with better quality chicks. His son, Frank Perdue, made marketing history by successfully branding chicken with his family name, and upped the ante by developing his own breed of meatier chicken.Now, the PERDUE® brand is leading the competition with the first-ever USDA Processed Verified Programs for our chicken products – including “raised cage free” and “fed an all-vegetarian diet with no animal by-products.” For everyone behind the PERDUE® brand, our family-owned heritage and farm tradition is in our hearts, but our innovative spirit drives us to stay ahead of our competitors.

  The PERDUE® Brand: Always at the Forefront

  • Establishing a product-testing lab to continuously test the quality of PERDUE® products against the competition and the high standards of the PERDUE® brand.
  • Developing innovative packaging for PERDUE® products, including leak-resistant packaging; modified atmosphere packing to ensure freshness; microwaveable trays and individually wrapped portions for added convenience; and tray-less packaging for fresh chicken that reduces landfill waste.
  • Providing nutritional labeling on PERDUE® packaging before it was required.
  • Offering consumers a money-back guarantee of satisfaction on PERDUE® products and a toll-free help line.
  • Equipping our trucks with satellite tracking systems to ensure on-time delivery of PERDUE® products.

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