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 The Scoular Company is an employee-owned agricultural marketing company with more than 60 locations across North America. The company specializes in buying, selling, storing, handling and transporting grain and ingredients for use in food, feed and renewable fuel markets worldwide.”

“Important Dates in Scoular History


Scoular once again made Forbes Magazine’s List of Largest Private Companies, jumping in rank from 105th in 2010 to 63rd in 2011 as well as earning a place among the top ten food companies on the list


Scoular extended its operations into Illinois after forming a new venture to own and operate grain handling assets in the central portion of the state


The company expanded its geographic footprint, adding its first-ever river terminals in the Delta and acquiring 14 Iowa grain elevators


Scoular entered the renewable fuels market as an investor, lead developer and service provider


Scoular began trading food and petfood ingredients following the acquisition of the trading businesses of International Proteins Corporation of St. Paul, Minnesota


Began trading identity preserved (IP) grain and soybeans and received organic certification


Scoular began marketing feed ingredients and byproducts


Scoular began to reorganize, initiating a major corporate shift away from grain warehousing to merchandising and distribution

1967 to 1987

Scoular acquired several terminal and country elevators, increasing to 20 elevators by 1975, 38 by 1980 and by 1985 operated 72 locations in eight states


Firm sold to group of grain industry executives headed by Marshall Faith, Scoular’s present-day Vice Chairman of the Board


George Scoular Grain & Lumber Company established in Superior, Nebraska.”

*Information from Forbes.com and Scoular.com

**Video published on YouTube by “TheScoularCompany


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