Stericycle, Inc. history, company profile (overview) and corporate video

       Stericycle, Inc. is a provider of compliance-based solutions, such as medical waste, document destruction, and patient engagement. It is headquartered in Bannockburn, Illinois, United States.

       Through its family of brands (Stericycle, Shred-it and Stericycle Communication Solutions), the company serves customers in the United States and 16 other countries worldwide.


       Stericycle was founded in 1989 by Dr. James Sharp.

       In 1996, the company was listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

       In 2003, the company entered sharps waste management, acquiring Scherer Healthcare’s existing practice.

       In 2010, the Communications Solutions business line was launched.

       In 2014, PSC Environmental Solutions was acquired, and Stericycle Environmental Solutions was formed, focusing on hazardous waste.

       In 2015, Shred-it International was acquired


       Stericycle operates through the following business sectors:

    • Regulated Medical Waste – dispose of regulated medical, biohazardous, trace chemo, and pathological waste;
    • Sharps Waste Management and Disposal;
    • HIPAA and OSHA Compliance Solutions – in-person consulting and on-demand web-based training;
    • Pharmaceutical Waste Management and Disposal;
    • Controlled Substance Waste Disposal;
    • Secure Document Shredding with Shred‑it®.


       Stericycle offers waste management services for a wide range of industries:

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    Enterprise Healthcare

    • Hospitals and Health Systems
    • Non-Acute Hospital Affiliates
    • National and Corporate Healthcare

    Practices and Care Providers

    • Physician Offices
    • Surgery Centers
    • Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals
    • Nursing and Long-Term Care Facilities
    • Dental Clinics
    • Clinics and Urgent Care Centers
    • Dialysis Centers
    • Home Health Organizations

    Pharmacy, Labs, and Research

    • Retail Pharmacies
    • Compounding Pharmacies
    • Laboratory and Research Organizations
    • Blood Banks

    Other Industries

    • Airports and Seaports
    • Educational Institutions
    • Funeral Homes and Crematories
    • Government and Military
    • Small Businesses

       With more than 23,000 employees, Stericycle, Inc. is considered one of the largest providers of medical waste, document destruction, and patient engagement solutions in the world. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World.

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