Uni-President Enterprises Corporation history, profile and corporate video

   Uni-President Enterprises Corporation is an international food conglomerate headquartered in Yongkang, Tainan, Taiwan.


   Uni-President Enterprises Corp (UPEC) was established in 1967. It started in Tainan with 82 employees under the leadership of Chairman Hsiu-Chi Wu and President Chin-Yen Kao.

   In 1968, UPEC had a technical cooperation with Nisshin Food Products Co., Ltd.

   In 1969, The Uni-President brand of flour and feed was launched.

   In 1970, UPEC started the production of instant noodles, and “Tung-I Noodle” was launched.

   In 1977, UPEC acquired Dr. Food Company, investing more in developing soy milk products (Uni-President Soy Milk) and laid the foundation for later dairy refrigeration business.

   In 1979, the company entered to the retail industry by signing a contract with the Southland Corporation in the US to bring 7-ELEVEN to Taiwan.

   In 1986, 7-ELEVEN opened its 100th store called “Chin-Yen Store”.

   In 1987, the company jointly established PresiCarre Corp. in Taiwan with Carrefour Group of France.

   In 1988, President Securities Corp. was founded.

   In 1989, Asia’s first “Carrefour” megastore was opened in Kaohsiung.

   In 1990, UPEC founded President Professional Baseball Team Corp., which oversees Uni-President 7-ᴇʟᴇᴠᴇn Lions, a professional baseball team in Taiwan’s Chinese Professional Baseball League.

   Also in 1990, the company jointly established Retail Support International, a professional logistic company with Mitsubishi Group.

   In 1991, UPEC jointly established President Nisshin Food Corp. with Nisshin Oillio Group. Mech-President Corp was also founded that year.

   In 1992, Tone Sang Construction Corp. was founded.

   In 1993, President Pharmaceutical Corp. was founded

   In 1994, Uni-President (Thailand) Ltd. and President Packaging Industrial Co., Ltd. were founded. Also that year, the company jointly established DUSKIN Serve Taiwan Co., Ltd. with DUSKIN Corporation.

   In 1995, UPEC founded President Drugstore Business Corp. with Cosmed as Taiwan’s first beauty pharmacy based on Japan’s drugstores that sell both medicine and skincare products.

   In 1996, President Fair Development Corp. was founded

   In 1997, President International Development Corp. and ScinoPharm Taiwan were founded. Also that year, the company gointly established President Tokyo Corporation with Tokyo Century Corporation.

   In 1998, UPEC jointly established Starbucks Taiwan, starting a coffee chain stores management with Starbucks Coffee International. That year, Uni-President Enterprises(China) Investment Corp. and Tung Lo Development Co. were founded.

   In 1999, Wisdom Distribution Service Corp., Uni-President Organics Corp., Uni-President (Vietnam) Co., Ltd., and Uni-President Glass Industrial Co., Ltd. were founded. That year, Cryogenic Logistics Division became independent as Uni-President Cold-Cain Corporation.

   In 2000, the company jointly established President Transnet Co., Ltd. and invest in-home delivery services with Japan Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. Also that year, Shanghai Starbucks Co., Ltd., Presco Netmarketing, INC., Uni-President Dream Parks Co., and Master Channels Corp. were founded.

   In 2001, Uni-President (Philippines) Corp. was founded.

   In 2003, President BEING Corp. was founded.

   In 2004, Uni-President Development Corp. was founded, and “CITY CAFÉ” was launched.

   In 2007, Tait Marketing and Distribution Co., Ltd was acquired by UPEC.

   In 2009, the company established President Chain Store (Shanghai) Corporation and entered the Shanghai market.

   In 2013, Icash Corp. was founded.

   In 2014, Mister Donut Taiwan Corp. obtained the trading authorization in the Taiwan market. Also that year, PT. Uni-President Indonesia was founded.

   In 2017, the company established President Chain Store (Zhejiang) Ltd. and entered the Zhejiang market.

   In 2018, Starbucks Taiwan was renamed Uni-Wonder Corporation.

   In 2019, the South Korean food and beverage company “Woongjin Foods Co., Ltd.” was acquired by UPEC.


   Uni-President Enterprises Corp. operates through the followings business segments: Provisions Group, Dairy and Beverage Group, Instant Food Group, General Food Group, Baking Business Group, and Logistics Group.

Provisions Group

   The Provisions Group involves animal feeds, wheat flour and aquatic product businesses.

Dairy and Beverage Group

   The Dairy and Beverage Group consists of Dairy Product Division, Tea and Beverage Division, Coffee Division, Water Division and General Beverage Division.

Instant Food Group

   The Instant Food Group consists of Instant Noodles Business and Edible Oils Business.

General Food Group

   The General Food Group includes International, Sauce and Seasoning, Meat Production, Ice Cream Divisions.

Baking Business Group

   The Baking Business Group includes Bread Division, Cake Business Unit, Frozen Dough Business Unit, PL Baking Division Fresh Bakery Team, and Uni-President Organics Corp.

Logistics Group

   The Logistics Group provides trade marketing, developing and managing distribution channel, as well as transportation, warehousing, and distribution service.

   With more than 188,000 employees, Uni-President Enterprises Corporation is considered one of Taiwan’s largest conglomerates and one of the largest food production companies in Asia. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the Top 2000 Largest Public Companies in the World.

*Information from Forbes.com, Wikipedia.org, and www.uni-president.com.

**Video published on YouTube by “TRIBECO WEB”.