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 Walgreen Co. operates as a drugstore chain in the United States. Its drugstores are engaged in the retail sale of prescription and non-prescription drugs and general merchandise, including household products, convenience and fresh foods, personal care, beauty care, photofinishing and candy. The company offers pharmacy, health and wellness solutions, which include retail, specialty pharmacy, infusion and respiratory services, mail service, convenient care clinics and worksite clinics. Walgreen offers pharmacy services that provide customers nationwide access to a variety of medications, services and programs for managing complex and chronic health conditions. The company offers its customers infusion therapy services, including the administration of intravenous medications for cancer treatments, chronic pain, heart failure, and other infections and disorders. It provides these infusion services at home, at the workplace, in a physician’s office or in a Walgreens alternate treatment site. The company provides clinical services, such as laboratory monitoring, medication profile review, nutritional assessments, patient and caregiver education. Its advanced pharmacy system offers pharmacists easy access to patient prescription records, which allows access to refills and emergency supplies at any of its pharmacies, eases prescription transfers, and enables any Walgreens pharmacist to provide ongoing treatment consultation. The company’s websites allow consumers to purchase general merchandise, including beauty, personal care, home medical equipment, contact lens, vitamins and supplements and other health and wellness solutions. It also offers services through Take Care Health Systems, which manages its Take Care Clinics at select Walgreens drugstores throughout the country and Take Care Health Employer Solutions that manages primary care, health and wellness, occupational health, pharmacy and fitness centers at large employer campuses. The company was founded by Charles R. Walgreen, Sr. in 1901 and is headquartered in Deerfield, IL.

“Walgreen History

Three generations of Walgreens: Charles Jr. and his son, Charles III, stand before a portrait of company founder, Charles R. Walgreen. The three innovative leaders made retailing history.

The Walgreen Drug Stores Historical Foundation

Generations of customers and employees hold fond memories of trips to the Walgreens soda fountain and prescriptions filled by the friendly local pharmacist. Most of all, they remember Walgreens, a welcome, dependable presence in countless neighborhoods across the country for more than 100 years.

Many of the products that have enriched our lives over the decades were developed and manufactured by Walgreens. Until the 1980s, however, there was no formal process for collecting and documenting the company’s history. All that changed with the Walgreen Drug Stores Historical Foundation.

Early Walgreen stores looked quite different from our present self-service stores. It is the Historical Foundation’s aim to build an understanding of early Walgreens store culture and to help educate the public about the role Walgreens played in the history of retail pharmacy. In 1986, the Historical Foundation unveiled a reproduction of the first Walgreens drugstore, which opened in 1901. The exhibit, featuring turn-of-the-century products and packaging, is housed at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. 

From restaurant menus to old Walgreen pill bottles, cigar boxes to discontinued Walgreen-brand product packaging, the Historical Foundation collects artifacts donated by Walgreen aficionados from all over the country. Do you have something to donate to the Historical Foundation? ” 

In 2014, Walgreens exercises option to complete its strategic partnership with Alliance Boots, forming Walgreens Boots Alliance through the full combination of Walgreens and Alliance Boots.

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