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     American Equity Investment Life Holding Co. engages in the development and sale of fixed index and fixed rate annuity products. The company, through its wholly-owned life insurance subsidiaries, American Equity Investment Life Insurance Co., American Equity Investment Life Insurance Co. of New York and Eagle Life Insurance Co. operates as a full service underwriter of fixed annuity and life insurance products. Its annuities offer an accumulating retirement savings; source of income during the payout period; fixed rate deferred annuities; and multi-year rate guaranteed products. The company was founded by David J. Noble on December 15, 1995 and is headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa.

    “American Equity Company Timeline


    Focusing on growth, innovation, and service, American Equity begins with $11 Million in assets, three employees and a license to do business in Iowa. But we have something more – a solid management team that has already worked together for 15 years!           


    American Equity, now licensed in 23 states plus the District of Columbia, assembled their Management Team. With over 1,000 appointed agents, we amassed $15.4 Million in revenues. American Equity acquired 100% Century Life Insurance Company.


    Continued growth American Equity now exceeds $214 Million in assets with $150 Million in liabilities and received A- (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best Company.


    American Equity launches six new indexed annuity products and expands licenses to 39 states with more than 10,000 licensed agents. American Equity sold $378 Million in annuity production and has grown to $636 Million in assets and $555 Million in liabilities.


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    American Equity breaks ground by offering the first indexed annuity tied to the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DIJA). Assets have grown to $1.5 Billion with liabilities reaching $1.4 Billion. Annuity production increased to $815 Million. American Equity received Insurance Market Place Standards Association (IMSA) designation.        


    The number of licensed agents selling American Equity products across the U.S. surpasses 20,000 and wrote $845 Million in annuity production. American Equity now licensed in 43 states plus D.C. Accumulated assets rose to $2.1 Billion and liabilities to $2.0 Billion.


    Annuity production dramatically increases to $2.4 Billion. American Equity surpasses $3.9 Billion in assets and $3.7 Billion in liabilities with licensed agents exceeding 34,000. American Equity founded its New York subsidiary.           


    Faced with lackluster public markets, American Equity purposefully slows production in order to increase capital and earnings. Sales force expands to more than 41,000 licensed agents and writes $2.4 Billion in annuity production. Assets grew to $5.4 Billion and liabilities increased to $5.2 Billion.


    American Equity completes initial public stock offering on the New York Stock Exchange (symbol “AEL”) on December 4th. The company earns top marks for service from producers in an independent survey of indexed annuity companies. Assets and liabilities grew to $6.3 Billion and $5.9 Billion respectively with sales reaching $1.7 Billion in annuity production.       


    $315 Million in new capital was raised, laying the groundwork for additional growth. AEL was added to the Russell 3000® Index. Annuity production up to $2.0 Billion, with $7.9 Billion in assets and $7.4 Billion in liabilities.


    Production force of 50,000+ independent agents fuels record sales, earnings and growth with annuity production reaching $2.9 Billion. The continued growth pushes assets over $10.0 Billion with liabilities reaching $9.7 Billion.  


    Now licensed in all 50 states plus D.C. AEL launches Gold Eagle Program for qualifying sales agents ($1 Million or more annual production). Company assets and liabilities reach $11.0 Billion and $10.5 Billion, with $1.9 Billion in annuity sales production.


    American Equity records $2.1 Billion in annuity production, with $12.0 Billion in assets and $11.7 Billion in liabilities. Gold Eagle Program expands, counting 488 qualifying licensed agents.          


    Growth continues with $2.3 Billion in annuity production, $13.0 Billion in assets, and $12.6 Billion in liabilities. Gold Eagle Agent tally reaches 568.


    Wendy C. Waugaman elevated to CEO and President of American Equity. D.J. Noble, the company’s founder, remains as Executive Chairman of the Board. American Equity reached $16.6 Billion in assets, $15.5 Billion in liabilities, $3.7 Billion in annuity sales, and an expanding Gold Eagle roster to 891. American Equity founded Eagle Life Company.  


    Congress and Federal courts invalidate SEC Rule 151A, which would have expanded SEC jurisdiction to include regulatory oversight of the fixed indexed annuity (FIA) market. American Equity helps lead the battle for 151A’s defeat. AEL set record sales pace, with total annuity sales surpassing $4.7 Billion, assets increased to $21.0 Billion, liabilities grew to $19.7 Billion, and 1,021 Gold Eagle Agents. American Equity was voted #1 on Service in the Agent Sales Journal and hosted the first Client Appreciation event.


    Another record year for American Equity with $5.1 Billion in annuity production, $24.7 Billion in assets and $23.1 Billion in liabilities. Total Gold Eagle Members reaches 1,228. American Equity hosts 16 Client Appreciation Events for 3,053 policyholders and 218 Gold Eagle Agents.”

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