SCOR SE history, profile and corporate video

       SCOR SE is a global reinsurance company headquartered in Paris, France. It provides a broad range of reinsurance solutions: Property & Casualty, Life & Health, and Investments.


       SCOR was established in 1970 in Paris, France.

       In 1988, SCOR acquired La Vittoria Riassicurazioni in Italy.

       In 1989, SCOR merged with UAP RĂ©.

       In 1989, SCOR also was listed on the Paris Stock Exchange

       In November 1989, Deutsche Kontinentale R was acquired.

       In November 1996, SCOR acquired Allstate Group’s reinsurance portfolio in the United States.

       In 2000, Life Division was set up in the United States via the acquisition of PartnerRe Life.

       In 2005, SCOR acquired renewal rights relating to the Alea Europe P&C treaty portfolio.

       In 2006, SCOR partnered with REVIOS to create SCOR Global Life.

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       In February 2007, SCOR acquired Converium to create a multi-line reinsurer.

       In August 2007, ReMark, a global insurance direct-marketing company, was acquired by the SCOR Group.

       In 2008, PrĂ©voyance RĂ© was acquired in France.

       In October 2008, SCOR Global Investments was established.

       In 2009, US-based XL Re Life America was acquired.

       In 2011, SCOR acquired 100% of the capital of SOLAREH SA.

       In March 2011, SCOR partnered with Nanyang Technological University to establish IRFRC.

       In April 2011, Transamerica Re was acquired.

       In May 2013, the real estate company MRM was acquired.

       In June 2013, Generali U.S. was acquired.

       In 2014, A Lloyd’s Managing Agency was launched.

       In 2018, MutRĂ© was acquired.

       In April 2019, SCOR completed the merger of its three SE legal entities.

       In September 2019, SCOR Investment Partners acquired Coriolis Capital.

       In 2020, SCOR acquired a majority stake in AgroBrasil, an innovator in Brazil’s agriculture insurance ecosystem.

       With more than 3,500 employees and over 35 offices worldwide, SCOR is one of the largest reinsurers in the world. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World.

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