Ashtead Group Plc history, profile and corpoarte video

   Ashtead Group Plc is an international equipment rental company with national networks in the US, UK and Canada, trading under the name Sunbelt Rentals. It is headquartered in London, England, United Kingdom.

   The company rents a full range of construction and industrial equipment across a wide variety of applications to a diverse customer base. Its rental fleet ranges from small hand-held tools to the largest construction equipment.

   Ashtead was founded in 1947, in the village of Ashtead, Surrey, as Ashtead Plant and Tool Hire.

   In 1984, Ashtead Group plc was formed as a vehicle to acquire what was then a five branch business trading in the south-east of England with revenues of £1m.

   In 1986, Ashtead Group plc was listed on the London Stock Exchange.

   In 1990, Ashtead acquired Sunbelt Rentals.

   In 2000, Ashtead acquired the US equipment rental interests of Rentokil Initial plc, thereby doubling the size of Sunbelt Rentals.

   In 2006, Ashtead acquired NationsRent Inc. for $1bn and became the second-largest equipment rental company in the US.

   In 2006, Ashtead also acquired Lux Traffic Controls Limited for £15.5m and became the UK’s largest provider of rental traffic systems.

   In 2014, Sunbelt Rentals entered the Southwest Canadian market by acquiring GWG Rentals.

   In 2017, Sunbelt Rentals doubled the size of its Canadian business with the CRS acquisition.

   In 2019, Sunbelt Rentals acquired William F. White in Canada, expanding their Specialty business into the provision of production set and on-set equipment, services and studio facilities to the motion picture, digital media, and television industries.

   With more than 19,000 employees, Ashtead Group Plc is considered one of the largest equipment rental companies in the UK, US, and Canada. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World.

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**Video published on YouTube by “Sunbelt Rentals“.