Aurizon Holdings Ltd. profile and corporate video

 Aurizon Holdings Ltd. Is an integrated heavy haul freight railway operator, rail transporter of coal from mine to port for export markets, bulk, general and containerized freight businesses and large-scale rail services activities. It operates through the following segments: Network, Coal, Iron Ore, Freight and Unallocated. The Network segment engages in the provision of access and operation and management of the Central Queensland Coal Network. It also provides below rail design, construction, overhaul, maintenance, and management services. The Coal segment comprises transport of coal from mines in Queensland and New South Wales to end customers and ports. The Iron Ore segment engages in the transport of iron ore from mines in Western Australia to ports. The Freight segment consists of transport of bulk mineral commodities, agricultural products, mining and industrial inputs and general freight throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia, and containerized freight throughout Australia. The Unallocated segment items of revenue and expense of a corporate nature, ineffective hedging gains and losses, and minor operations within the company, including the third party above rail provision of overhaul and maintenance services to external customers. Aurizon was founded on September 14, 2010, and is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.

“Mission & Values

Our Mission

To be a world-leading transport business, to partner with customers for growth and to double the value of the Company every five years, while becoming the safest transport company in the world.

Our Values

Safety – Safety of ourselves and others is our number one priority
Integrity – We are honest and fair and conduct business with the highest ethical standards
Leadership, Passion & Courage – We are passionate about leading change. We deliver results with energy and conviction
World-Class Performance – We deliver world-class performance and superior value for our shareholders, customers, and staff.

Our Employee Promise

To build a diverse, collaborative and creative workplace where people know what they are accountable to do and can count on having what they need to succeed.”

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**Video published on YouTube by “Aurizon