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    Bank of Ireland Group plc history, profile and corporate video

       Bank of Ireland Group plc is a diversified financial services group headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

       The Group provides its financial services to the Personal, Private, Business, Corporate, and UK Banking sectors. Its products include mortgages, loans, credit cards, current accounts, savings accounts, international payments, insurance, protection, pensions, investments, wealth management, treasury, finance, and others.


       Bank of Ireland, now a subsidiary of Bank of Ireland Group plc, was established in 1783 by Royal Charter. Bank of Ireland first opened for business at Mary’s Abbey, Dublin

       In 1864, the Bank paid interest on deposits for the first time.

       In 1922, the Bank was officially appointed official banker to the Irish Government.

       In 1926, the Bank acquired the National Land Bank and changed its name to the National City Bank Ltd.

       In 1958, the Bank acquired the share capital of Hibernian Bank Ltd.

       In 1965, the Bank took over the Irish interests of the National Bank Ltd, changing its name back to the National Bank of Ireland Ltd.

       In 1966, Investment Bank of Ireland was established.

       In 1966, Bank of Ireland Asset Management was founded.

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       In 1969, the National Bank of Ireland, Hibernian and Bank of Ireland merged to form the Bank of Ireland Group.

       In 1997, the Group acquired Bristol & West plc and New Ireland Assurance plc.

       In 2001, the Group acquired Moneyextra.

       In 2002, the Group acquired a 61% stake in Iridian Asset Management.

       In 2003, the Group announced a Financial Services Joint Venture with the UK Post Office. It also acquired Foreign Currency Exchange Corp in the US.

       In 2004, the Group announced a pilot Joint Venture with the Canadian Post Office. It also acquired Burdale Financial Holdings.

       In 2005, the Group sold the Bristol & West branch network.

       In 2017, Bank of Ireland Group plc was established and became the listed parent company of the Group.

       With more than 8,000 employees, the Bank of Ireland is considered the oldest bank in Ireland and one of Ireland’s largest banks. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World.

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