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    CA Technologies, Inc. history, company profile (overview) and corporate video

       CA Technologies, Inc. (formerly Computer Associates International, Inc., and CA, Inc.) was a multinational software company headquartered in New York, United States. Its products cover mainframe solutions, service assurance, security, service and portfolio management, virtualization and service automation, SaaS, and cloud offerings.


       CA Technologies was established in 1976 by Charles Wang and Russell Artzt. It introduced its first product, CA SORT, a software program that delivered sort, merge and copy capabilities for the OS/390 market. CA SORT helped businesses gain more from their IBM mainframes.

       In 1976, Charles B. Wang and a handful of colleagues, including Russ Artzt, founded Computer Associates International, Inc.

       In 1978, the company entered the enterprise storage management market with Dynam-T.

       In 1983, the company introduced its first enterprise security management solution.

       In 1984, the company introduced its first relational database management and application system solution.

       In 1985, the company introduced Unicenter, its flagship systems management software.

       In 1995, Legent Corporation was acquired.

       In 1996, Cheyenne Software Inc., a storage management solution company, was acquired.

       In 1999, Platinum Technology International was acquired.

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       In 2006, CA Technologies changed its name to CA, Inc.

       In 2006, XOsoft, Wily, and Cybermation were also acquired.

       In 2009, NetQoS® Inc. was acquired.

       In 2010, CA Technologies acquired 3Tera®, Nimsoft, 4Base Technology and Hyperformix to extend its capabilities in cloud computing. It also acquired Oblicore to enhance its Service Level Management (SLM) portfolio and Arcot to further advance its authentication and fraud-prevention capabilities.

       In 2011, Torokina Networks and Base Technologies were acquired.

       In 2011, CA Technologies formed a global strategic alliance with VCE, the Virtual Computing Environment Company – a joint venture between EMC, Cisco, VMware, and Intel – as part of the company’s investment in private cloud infrastructure services.

       In 2015, Rally software, Unifyalm, Gridtools, Idmlogic, and Xceedium were acquired.

       In 2016, Blazemeter, Automic, and Veracode were acquired.

       In 2017, Runscope was acquired.

       In 2018, CA Technologies was acquired by Broadcom.

       With over 11,000 employees in more than 40 countries, CA Technologies was considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World, according to Forbes.

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