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 CA, Inc. is an enterprise information technology management software and solutions company. It develops and delivers software and services and also addresses components of the computing environment, including people, information, processes, systems, networks, applications and databases, regardless of the hardware or software customers are using. The company operates through three segments: MainframeSolutions, Enterprise Solutions and Services. The Mainframe Solutions segment helps customers and partners transform mainframe management, gain more value from existing technology and extend mainframe capabilities. The Enterprise Solutions segment consists of various product offerings, including service assurance, security, service and portfolio management, virtualization and service automation, SaaS and cloud offerings. The Services segment comprises implementation, consulting and education and training services. The company was founded by Russell M. Artzt and Charles B. Wang in 1974 and is headquartered in Islandia, NY.

“CA Technologies History

CA Technologies has been helping companies manage Information Technology (IT) in all kinds of environments for more than three decades. From the mainframe to distributed to virtualized and cloud, we have a history of developing and delivering powerful, integrated software to help customers improve performance and better compete, innovate and grow their businesses.

We have grown from a four-person operation in the mid-1970s to a global IT management software company that today serves the majority of the Forbes Global 2000. Following is a snapshot of the milestones that continue to shape our company:


CA Technologies is named to the Forbes “100 Most Innovative Companies” list for 2011.

CA Technologies acquires Torokina Networks and Base Technologies

CA Technologies forms a global strategic alliance with VCE, the Virtual Computing Environment Company – a joint venture between EMC, Cisco, VMware and Intel – as part of our continued investment in private cloud infrastructure services.

CA ecoSoftware receives the “Minister of Energy Award” from Green IT Magazine.


CA Technologies unveils new name to demonstrate its commitment to managing and securing IT environments and to deliver more flexible IT services to customers. The evolution of the company brand and name change to CA Technologies were revealed at CA World 2010, the company’s annual customer conference. 

CA Technologies announces the election of William E. McCracken as chief executive officer. Executive chairman since September 2009, McCracken serves as both CEO and chairman of the board.

Arthur F. Weinbach is appointed as CA Technologies non-executive chairman of the board. 

CA Technologies acquires 3Tera®, Nimsoft, 4Base Technology and Hyperformix to significantly extend its role in cloud computing. It also acquires Oblicore to enhance its Service Level Management (SLM) portfolio and Arcot to further advance its authentication and fraud-prevention capabilities.

CA Technologies ranks among the top 50 greenest companies in the U.S. by Newsweek magazine. The company is also named one of the “Best Channel Vendors” by Business Solutions magazine; Partner of the Year by IT reseller Programmer’s Paradise; “Company of the Year,” winner of the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) STAR Awards for Best Practices in Value-Added Support; and winner of the Fall 2010 Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) STAR Award for Excellence in Innovative Support.

CA Technologies announces CA Press, a new publishing venture to bring business and Information Technology (IT) thought leadership books to market.


CA Technologies maintains its best-of-breed technology reputation, garnering top, third-party recognition for its project and portfolio management, web access management, identity and access management, user provisioning, records management, job scheduling and data discovery solutions, to name a few.

CA Technologies unveils innovative energy and sustainability solutions to help customers manage energy use, reduce the consumption of natural resources and cut energy costs.

CA Technologies acquires NetQoS® Inc. to enhance its ability to help customers deliver reliable, flexible and cost-effective IT and business services across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

CA Technologies delivers solutions to reinforce its leadership in virtualization management, security, compliance and application management. CA Technologies also announces multiple solutions that help customers gain visibility of the customer experience, automate processes and get the most out of their resources.

Richard Sulpizio, former president and chief operating officer of Qualcomm Inc., is elected to the Board of Directors, increasing the Board membership to 10, eight of whom are independent. John Swainson announces his retirement from the company and William E. McCracken, previously non-executive Chairman of the Board, becomes interim-executive Chairman of the Board.


CA Technologies boasts one of the strongest IT portfolios in the company’s history that focuses on infrastructure management, IT governance, service management, data center automation and security management for both the mainframe and distributed environments.

CA Technologies earns recognition from leading industry analyst firms, including Gartner and Forrester, as a “leader” or “leading in” multiple IT management market segments.

CA Technologies announces an integrated suite of Enterprise IT Management solutions to maximize the business value of virtualization, helping enterprise customers and cloud computing providers improve IT agility and service quality, increase efficiency, and mitigate IT and business risk.

As the largest mainframe independent software vendor, CA Technologies launches Mainframe 2.0, a far-reaching initiative to change the way the mainframe is managed forever.

CA Technologies announces plans to expand its India Technology Center (ITC) in Hyderabad into a US $30 million research and development (R&D) building to accommodate anticipated growth in CA’s R&D, technical support, IT infrastructure management, applications development and professional services teams.

Kay Koplovitz, the founder of USA Network and its former chairman and chief executive officer, is elected to the Board of Directors and named to the Board’s Corporate Governance Committee.

To support its continuing focus on governance, CA Technologies releases its first global Corporate Sustainability Report, “Connected,” and affirms CA Technologies’ dedication to growing the company in environmentally and sustainable ways.

Employees set a CA Technologies record by participating in 90 projects involving 25 offices that spanned six countries and represented more than 7,000 volunteer hours of giving back to help local organizations where employees live and work around the globe.


CA Technologies creates a Mainframe Business unit to sharpen its focus on meeting the needs of its customers.

CA Technologies pioneered its innovative Unified Service Model, which aligns our enterprise IT management strategy to business initiatives, and delivered an accompanying set of solutions that empower IT to drive business growth and innovation to transform the way companies govern, manage and secure IT.

CA Technologies’ Smart Enterprise magazine, a business technology publication for CIOs and IT executives, expands distribution to more than 100,000 professionals worldwide and drives credibility as a thought leader.

CA Technologies officially opens its state-of-the-art India Technology Center in Hyderabad, India.

Michael J. Christenson is named as CA Technologies president, in addition to his role as chief operating officer, and William E. McCracken succeeds Lewis S. Ranieri as Chairman of the Board of Directors.


CA Technologies continues rounding out its EITM-based capabilities through internal development and strategic acquisitions. CA Technologies acquires XOsoft, a leading provider of software that is an easy and flexible way to protect and quickly recover vital applications and information; Wily, a leader in the application performance management market; and Cybermation, whose technology is a key component of CA Technologies workload automation offering.

CA Technologies officially changes its name to “CA, Inc.” and begins using the tag line, Transforming IT Management, to describe what CA Technologies does better than anyone else: unify elements of IT and simplify complex IT management.

Further strengthening its management team, CA Technologies promotes Michael J. Christenson to COO, and Alan F. Nugent to CTO; names Nancy Cooper, former CFO for IMS Health, Chief Financial Officer; James Bryant, a 30-year IT veteran, as Chief Administrative Officer; and Amy Fliegelman Olli, formerly with IBM, as co-General Counsel at CA Technologies.


CA Technologies announces Enterprise IT Management (EITM), its vision for the future of IT to unify and simplify the management of enterprise-wide IT in a secure way for greater business results.

CA Technologies launches the largest product release in its history, with the debut of 26 new versions and more than 85 products developed according to its EITM vision.

The company unveils its new logo and a new global branding program to inspire the industry to “Believe Again” in the power of technology to support business.

CA Technologies deepened its management team by naming Mike Christenson, with a 23-year career at the helm of Citigroup Investment Banking, as Executive Vice President of Strategy and Business Development; and Don Friedman, a 30-year industry veteran, as Chief Marketing Officer.


CA Technologies bolsters its Board of Directors and management team, naming Lewis S. Ranieri Chairman of the Board, and Kenneth D. Cron, former Vivendi Universal Chairman and CEO, as interim CEO.

CA Technologies pursues its strategy to enable customers to run their IT operations like a business.

CA Technologies names John Swainson, a 26-year industry veteran, President and CEO-Elect and a member of the CA Technologies Board of Directors.


The company establishes CA Technology Services as part of the new customer delivery model that provides customers unimpeded access to CA’s rich technical skills throughout a project life cycle.

CA Technologies debuts its Security Command Center, an innovative application of advanced technology that enables customers to proactively manage security from one central point.

The company reinforces its position as the Management Software Experts with its strategy to manage IT on demand.

CA Technologies achieves ISO 9001:2000, the new, ultimate ISO certification and continues as the only company to use one system to manage quality throughout its worldwide operations.


CA Technologies introduces the first set of management and security solutions for UNIX, garnering awards like “Best of Show” at LINUX World.

CA Technologies creates brand units, each led by seasoned managers, to align CA Technologies software solutions with interests of customers.


Symbolic of its commitment to quality, CA Technologies becomes the first—and only—enterprise developer to achieve the exacting standards of ISO 9002 Global Certification.

CA Technologies introduces the first multi-platform enterprise portal that features multiple personalized workplaces. Today, the portal solution is marketed under the CleverPath family of products.

CA Technologies introduces a new business model that is more flexible, more responsive and more focused on the customer. A cornerstone of CA Technologies business model is FlexSelect Licensing, a revolutionary subscription-like sales model that enables customers to pace their technology investments to business growth.


CA Technologies extends Unicenter for the Web environment and becomes the first company to partner with both Netscape and Microsoft at the same time.


CA Technologies acquires Cheyenne Software Inc., strengthening its enterprise storage offerings, which today are sold under the BrightStor family of products.

As a result, CA Technologies delivers the first and only end-to-end storage management solution.


Bolstering its global presence, CA Technologies expands to the Far East, Africa and Latin America.

CA Technologies debuts a full line of products for Windows NT, becoming the first company to recognize that Windows would be a major business platform.

CA Technologies introduces Unicenter TNG, the industry’s first product to integrate network and systems management.


CA Technologies becomes the first company to deliver systems management, security and storage for open systems with the launch of Unicenter for UNIX.


Unicenter becomes the first software solution to deliver cross-platform security management, storage management and scheduling for UNIX.


CA Technologies becomes the first software company to reach $1 billion in revenues.

CA Technologies launches CA90s, a software architecture designed to provide a unified development strategy for all multi-platform enterprise solutions.


CA Technologies introduces Unicenter, its flagship systems management software—a market CA continues to lead today.


CA Technologies introduces its first relational database management and application system solution, which is today marketed under the Advantage family of products.


CA Technologies introduces its first enterprise security management solution, which is today marketed under the Securecenter family of products.


CA Technologies sells 500,000 shares of stock in an Initial Public Offering valued at more than $3.2 million. The company would later be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


CA Technologies enters the enterprise storage management market with Dynam-T.


Foreshadowing its ongoing emphasis on compatibility and integration, CA Technologies becomes first enterprise software company to provide multi-platform products.


With a handful of colleagues, including Russ Artzt, Charles B. Wang founds New York-based Computer Associates International, Inc.

CA Technologies introduces its first product, CA SORT, which delivers full-function sort, merge and copy capabilities for the OS/390 market.

CA Technologies delivers its first product, CA SORT, which helps businesses gain more from their IBM mainframes, and it hits $5million in revenue the next year.”

*Information from Forbes.com and Ca.com

**Video published on YouTube by “CA Technologies