CaixaBank SA

    CaixaBank, S.A. history, profile and history video

       CaixaBank, S.A. (formerly Criteria CaixaCorp) is a Spanish multinational financial services company with headquarters in Valencia and Barcelona, Spain. It was formed in 2007 as Criteria CaixaCorp, a publicly-traded vehicle for La Caixa’s shareholdings and investments.

       In 2011, after the group’s companies restructuring, La Caixa’s banking and insurance activities merged into a new renamed CaixaBank.

       The company operates through the following segments: Personal Banking and Business Banking.

    Personal Banking

       The Personal Banking segment provides accounts, mortgages, insurance, and cards.

    Business Banking

       The Business Banking segment involves International Banking services, Cash assets, financing, cards, investments, foreign trade, insurance, and pensions.

       With more than 35 000 employees, CaixaBank SA is considered one of Spain’s largest lenders by market value. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the World’s Best Banks and one of the top 2000 largest public companies in the world.

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