China Minsheng Banking Corporation Limited (China Minsheng Bank) profile and corporate video

   China Minsheng Banking Corporation Limited (中国民生银行股份有限公司, or also known as ”China Minsheng Bank” or “CMBC”, is a Chinese bank headquartered in Beijing, China. It was formally established on January 12, 1996, by Jing Shuping, a Chinese lawyer and businessman.

   China Minsheng Bank is the first national joint-stock commercial bank in China founded and owned mainly by non-state-owned enterprises.

   The company operates through the following segments: Personal Banking, Corporate Banking, Interbank Finance, and Private Banking.

Personal Banking

   The Personal Banking segment involves savings, loans, cards, settlement, convenient finance, e-banking, and others.

Corporate Banking

   The Corporate Banking segment includes deposits, loans, gross settlement, cash management, trade financiers, e-banking, trade-related products, other credit services, and foreign currency services.

Interbank Finance

   The Interbank Finance segment comprises accommodation of funds, trading of funds, bank-bank cooperation, bank-securities, and bank-trust cooperation.

Private Banking

   The Private Banking segment involves financial service and non-financial service.

   With more than 58 000 employees, China Minsheng Banking is considered one of the top 2000 largest public companies in the world, according to Forbes.

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