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     Citrix Systems, Inc. designs, develops and markets technology solutions, which enable information technology services to be securely delivered on demand, independent of location, device or network. It operates as a cloud computing company providing virtualization, networking and software as a service technology for organizations worldwide. The company operates through two segments: Enterprise and Online Services. The Enterprise segment products include mobility and desktop products, networking and cloud products and related license updates and maintenance and professional services. The Online Services segment includes collaboration and data products. Its product portfolio includes desktop virtualization, mobility, cloud networking, cloud platform, collaboration, data sharing, professional services, license updates and maintenance. The company was founded by Edward E. Iacobucci on April 17, 1989 and is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

    Citrix Systems History

    Citrix was founded in Richardson, Texas, in 1989 by former IBM developer Ed Iacobucci with $3 million in funding. Following its initial setup and development, Iacobucci moved the company to his former home of Coral Springs, Florida.

    Citrix was originally named Citrus but changed its name after an existing company claimed trademark rights. The Citrix name is a portmanteau of Citrus and UNIX.

    Many of the original founding members had participated in the IBM¬†OS/2¬†project. Iacobucci’s vision was to build OS/2 with multiuser support. IBM was not interested in this idea, so Iacobucci left.[citation needed]¬†Iacobucci was offered a job at Microsoft as chief technical officer of its networking group but turned it down to start his own company.

    The company’s first product was Citrix MULTIUSER, which was based on OS/2. Citrix licensed the OS/2 source code from Microsoft, bypassing IBM. Citrix hoped to capture part of the UNIX market by making it easy to deploy text-based OS/2 applications. The product failed to find a market. This was due in part to Microsoft’s declaring in 1991 that it was no longer going to support OS/2.

    Roger Roberts was appointed the CEO of Citrix in 1990. Roberts, a Texan, came from Texas Instruments.

    From 1989 to 1995, the company did not turn a profit. In 1989 and 1990 there was no income at all. Between 1991 and 1993, Citrix received funding from both Intel and Microsoft as well as venture capitalists. Without the help of this funding, Citrix would not have survived.

    In 1993, Citrix purchased the product “Netware Access Server” from Novell. It was a remote-access application built on DOS and¬†Quarterdeck Expanded Memory Manager. It provided desktop and applications from the server to multiple users in a similar way Terminal Servers still do. Citrix developed the product further and released it as WinView. It became Citrix’s first successful product.

    The company went public in December 1995.”

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