Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. history, profile and history video

       Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. is a fully integrated iron and steel producer headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, United States.

       The Company is vertically integrated, from mined raw materials, direct reduced iron, and ferrous scrap to primary steelmaking and downstream finishing, stamping, tooling, and tubing and downstream with hot and cold stamping of steel parts and components.


       The company’s earliest predecessor, Cleveland Iron Mining Company, was founded in 1847.

       In 1890, Cleveland Iron Mining Company merged with Jeptha Wade’s Cliffs Iron Company and formed Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Company.

       In 2007, the company acquired PinnOak, its first domestic coal company. Due to its venture into coal, the company changed its name to Cliffs Natural Resources 2008.

       In 2010, the company acquired Freewest Resources Canada.

       In 2011, the company acquired Consolidated Thompson Iron Mines from Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation.

       In 2017, the company announced it was returning to its former brand name, Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.

       In March 2020, the company acquired AK Steel Holding.

       In December 2020, the company acquired the US operations of ArcelorMittal.

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       Cleveland-Cliffs operates through the following business segments: Steelmaking, Tooling and Stamping, and Tubular Components.


       As an integrated steel company, Cleveland-Cliffs operates the entire production flow from the extraction of iron ore, to steelmaking, rolling, coating, finishing, stamping and tooling steel products. It produces flat-rolled carbon, stainless, electrical, plate, tinplate, and long steel products for the manufacturing of downstream complex auto parts and components.

    Tooling and Stamping

       Cleveland-Cliffs Tooling and Stamping, a Cleveland-Cliffs subsidiary, is a manufacturing and engineering services company specializing in designs, hot and cold stamping, and complex modular assembly and finishing options. It produces new materials, stamped automotive parts, and lightweight components and subassemblies.

    Tubular Components

       Cleveland-Cliffs Tubular Components is one of the leading manufacturers of advanced high-strength steel tubes. It produces aluminum-coated carbon and ferritic stainless-grade tubes, as well as zinc-coated carbon-grade tubes.

       With more than 26,000 employees across mining, scrap, steel, and downstream manufacturing operations in the U.S. and Canada, Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. is considered one of the largest and oldest independent iron ore mining companies in the United States. It is also considered one of the largest suppliers of steel to the automotive industry, one of the largest flat-rolled steel companies and one of the largest iron ore pellet producers in North America.

       According to Forbes, it is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World.

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