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Entergy Corp. is an integrated energy company engaged primarily in electric power production and retail distribution operations. The company operates its business through two segments: Utility and Entergy Wholesale Commodities. The Utility business segment involves in the generation, transmission, distribution, and sale of electric power in portions of Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, and Louisiana, including the City of New Orleans; and also operates a small natural gas distribution business. The Entergy Wholesale Commodities business segment includes the ownership and operation of six nuclear power plants located in the Northern United States and the sale of the electric power produced by those plants to wholesale customers. This segment also provides services to other nuclear power plant owners and also owns interests in non-nuclear power plants that sell the electric power produced by those plants to wholesale customers. Entergy was founded by Harvey Couch on November 2, 1913 and is headquartered in New Orleans, LA.

“Entergy History

Entergy’s story officially began on November 13, 1913.It changed its name to Entergy in 1989, and merged/bought Gulf States Utilities, based in Beaumont, Texas, as of 12:00 midnight, January 1, 1994. After Hurricane Katrina hit the city of New Orleans, Entergy temporarily relocated the 1,500 employees and contractors who worked at the headquarters to other cities, including Clinton, Mississippi, Little Rock, Arkansas, and The Woodlands, Texas. In April 2006, the company began moving back into its New Orleans headquarters. Since its inception, Entergy has been headquartered in New Orleans. That city had also been home to Entergy’s various corporate predecessors since 1922.”

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