Evergreen Marine Corp. (Taiwan)

    Evergreen Marine Corp. (Taiwan) Ltd. (EMC) history, company profile (overview) and history video

       Evergreen Marine Corp. (Taiwan) Ltd. (長榮海運) is an international shipping company headquartered in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. Its activities include shipping, construction of containers and ships, management of ports, engineering, and real estate development.

       EMC provides liner services through Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas, Australia, Africa, and the Mediterranean. It covers more than 110 countries with its shipping network.

       EMC provides services from Japan, Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia to Europe and the Mediterranean. EMC’s containerships link Asia with Africa and South America and Europe with the east coast of the US. They travel to India, the Middle East and the Red Sea, and also link Asia with Australia. EMC also provides a full container service linking the east coast of the US with the east coast of South America and Panama with the west coast of South America.


       Evergreen Marine Corp. (Taiwan) Ltd. was established in 1968 by Dr. Yung-Fa Chang. It started with just a secondhand general cargo vessel providing a “go anywhere” service.

       In 1975, EMC started a full container service for the routes linking the Far East with the US West Coast.

       In 1984, EMC launched the east-west full container service across the world. Its ships sailed throughout the continents of Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

       In 1999, EMC established the Evergreen Seafarer Training Center to ensure the safe sailing of its vessels and to prevent casualties and pollution at sea.

       With more than 10,000 employees and a fleet of over 160 container vessels, Evergreen Marine Corp. (Taiwan) Ltd. (EMC) is considered one of the world’s leading international shipping companies. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World.

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    Evergreen Marine Corp. – Company profile (overview) and history video

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