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       Eversource Energy is a publicly-traded energy company headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, U.S. and Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. It provides retail electricity, natural gas service and water service to approximately 4 million customers.

       The company can trace its roots back to the founding of its predecessor Northeast Utilities (NU), which was formed on July 1, 1966, through the merger of Connecticut Light and Power Company (CL&P, formed in 1917), Western Massachusetts Electric Company (WMECO, formed in 1886), and the Hartford Electric Light Company (HELCO, formed in 1878). The merger creates the first new multi-state public utility holding company since the enactment of the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935.

       In 1967, Holyoke Water Power Company (HWP) (formed in 1859) joined the NU System, and in 1992 the Public Service Company of New Hampshire (PSNH, formed in 1926) followed.

       In April 2012, Northeast Utilities merged with NSTAR, the major electric and gas provider in Greater Boston.

       NSTAR itself was the result of several other corporate mergers, and included the former Boston Edison Company, Cambridge Electric Light Company, Commonwealth Electric Company, Commonwealth Gas, and Cambridge Gas Company.

       In February 2015, the company and all its subsidiaries rebranded themselves as “Eversource Energy”.

       In June 2017, Eversource announced its merger with Aquarion Water Company.

       With more than 8 000 employees, Eversource Energy is considered one of the top 2000 largest public companies in the world, according to Forbes.

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