Fosun International Limited

    Fosun International Limited history, profile and corporate video

       Fosun International Limited is a Chinese conglomerate and investment company headquartered in Shanghai, China. It was founded in 1992 as the Guangxin Technology Development Company by Guo Guangchang and other four graduates of Fudan University in Shanghai: Liang Xinjun, Wang Qunbin, Fan Wei, and Tan Jian.

       The company started its business by doing market research, and the major holding company of the group was Fosun Pharmaceutical Company, which was incorporated in 1994 in mainland China. It was specialized in producing medication for Hepatitis A, but extended its business into the healthcare industry, real estate and others.

       Fosun International Limited, a new holding company of the group, was incorporated in Hong Kong in 2004.

       The company operates through the following business segments: Health, Happiness, and Wealth.


       The Health segment covers pharmaceutical manufacturing and R&D, healthcare service, medical devices and medical diagnosis, pharmaceutical distribution and retail, health insurance, healthcare management service, health products, etc.


       The Happiness segment focuses on tourism and leisure, fashion consumer, and lifestyle industries.


       The Wealth segment includes insurance, banking, securities and asset management.

       With more than 71 000 employees in over 16 countries, Fosun International Ltd. is considered one of the top 2000 largest public companies in the world, according to Forbes.

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