Gemdale Corporation

    Gemdale Corporation history, profile and corporate video

       Gemdale Corporation is a diversified real estate developer headquartered in Shenzhen, China. It was founded in early 1988.


       In 1993, the company began operating in the field of real estate, developing the first residential project Shenzhen¬∑Gemdale Garden. That year, Gemdale Property was also established.

       In 2008, Gemdale and UBS set up the first real estate dollar fund in China, UBS/Gemdale China Real Estate Fund, to explore the real estate finance field.

       In 2010, Grandale Sports was established to explore the sports industry.

       In 2012, it acquired the Hong Kong-listed company and renamed it Gemdale Properties and Investment (GPI).

       In 2019, Gemdale Agent Construction was renamed Gemdale Management.


       Gemdale operates through the followings business segments: Real Estate, Business Operation, Real Estate Finance, Property Management, Sports Operation, I New Home, Gemdale Management, and K12 Education.

    Real Estate

       In the Real Estate segment, the company provides standard and series residential and community commercial products.

    Business Operation

       Gemdale acquired Frasers Property Limited in 2012 and renamed it Gemdale Properties and Investment Corporation Limited (GPI) in 2013.

       GPI is integrated with real estate development and asset management platform, engaging in the development and sales, investment management and service operation of commercial center complex, industrial park town, boutique residence, long-term rental apartment, star-level hotel.

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    Real Estate Finance

       WINS Investment is an investment management company focused on private equity real estate investment in China. WINS Investment co-managed the UBS/Gemdale China Real Estate Fund with UBS.

    Property Management

       Gemdale Property is a property management company that provides community and asset management services.

    Sports Operation

       With tennis as its main business platform, Gemdale Sports is involved in sports industry cluster operations.

    I New Home

       I New Home Science and Technology Life Service Co., Ltd. is an Internet decoration company.

    Gemdale Management

       Gemdale Group Development Management Company is a holding subsidiary of Gemdale Group that specializes in providing agent construction services.

    K12 Education

       Based on K12 private bilingual international school, Shenzhen Gemdale Education Co., Ltd. integrates the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Center for Education Development Research of Ministry of Education, National Institute Of Education Sciences, TOP30 K12 schools in the UK and the US, and other top-notch education brands and resources at home and abroad.

       With more than 9,000 employees, Gemdale Corporation is considered one of China‚Äôs largest and most diversified real estate developers. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World.

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