Harris Corporation

    Harris Corporation history, company profile (overview) and corporate video

       Harris Corporation was an aerospace and defense technology company, headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, United States. It operates through the following business sectors: Defense, Commercial and Civil.


       Haris was established in 1895, as the Harris Automatic Press Company.

       In 1946, the company changed its name to Harris-Seybold Company.

       In 1955, the company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

       In 1957, Harris merged with Intertype Corporation, and changed its name from Harris-Seybold Company to Harris Intertype.

       In 1974, the company changed its name from Harris-Intertype to Harris Corporation.

       In 2015, Exelis Inc was acquired.

       In 2019, Harris Corporation merged with L3 Technologies to form L3Harris Technologies.


    • Space;
    • Air;
    • Land;
    • Sea;
    • Cyber;
    • Multi-Domain.

       With more than 45,000 employees in over 100 countries, Harris Corporation is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World, according to Forbes.

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