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     Henry Schein, Inc. provides health care products and services to medical, dental, and veterinary office-based practitioners. It operates its business through two reportable segments: Healthcare Distribution and Technology and Value-Added Services. The Healthcare Distribution segment aggregates its dental, medical, animal health and international operating segments. This segment consists of consumable products, small equipment, laboratory products, large equipment, equipment repair services, branded and generic pharmaceuticals, vaccines, surgical products, diagnostic tests, infection-control products, and vitamins. The Technology and Value-Added Services segment provides software, technology and other value-added services to healthcare practitioners. It also offers financial services on a non-recourse basis, e-services practice, technology, network and hardware services, plus continuing education services for practitioners, and continuing education services for practitioners. Henry Schein was founded by Henry Schein and Esther Schein in 1932 and is headquartered in Melville, NY.

    “Around the World in 81 Years

    Since Henry Schein opened his pharmacy in Queens, New York in 1932, our organization has become a Fortune 500® Company and the largest provider of health care products and services to office-based practitioners. With nearly 17,000 Team Schein Members and operations or affiliates in 27 countries, Henry Schein, Inc. remains committed to the values-based culture that Henry and his wife, Esther, infused in their business eight decades ago, and to serving our customers, supplier partners, investors, society and Team Schein. By holding fast to our historical values and focusing on our future, we are certain that our best years are yet to come.

    Over the course of 81 years, Henry Schein, Inc. has frequently reinvented the organization to meet customer needs, taking advantage of new technologies and tapping into burgeoning markets. Below are some of the changes that Henry Schein has undergone and innovations we have introduced over the course of eight decades.”

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