Hensel Phelps Construction history, profile and corporate video

 Hensel Phelps Construction is a general contractor with a range of projects including construction and renovation of commercial office, airport, distribution and industrial, correctional, public assembly, sports, health care, educational, institutional, residential, mixed use, retail, hospitality, mass transportation, entertainment, micro-electronics, research and development and laboratory facilities. Notable projects include renovation work on the Pentagon and the modernization and addition for the San Jose International Airport Terminal Area Improvement Program.”

Hensel Phelps Construction History

Hensel Phelps was founded in Greeley, Colorado, in 1937 by Hensel Phelps. Operations were limited to home building and remodeling until 1948, when competitive contract work was undertaken on a limited scale. In January 1955, a partnership was formed between Hensel and his son, Joseph F. Phelps, and continued through 1957, when Hensel retired. Joseph Phelps incorporated the firm on June 3, 1957, and continued as president and general manager until 1975.

Robert G. Tointon joined the firm in 1963 as a project engineer when the firm was just beginning to emerge as an important regional, general construction firm. Tointon advanced to executive vice president and general manager of the company’s largest operating unit, the Plains Division. He continued in that capacity until September 1975, when he succeeded Joseph Phelps as president and general manager. The company was re-incorporated in the state of Delaware on March 22, 1982, and elected to become an S-corporation.

On June 1, 1985, Jerry Morgensen became the fourth generation president of Hensel Phelps, succeeding Tointon. Morgensen has been employed by the company since 1973 and has served as project manager, operations manager and vice president prior to his election to president.”

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**Video published on YouTube by “Hensel Phelps