Holcim Ltd. history, profile and corporate video

. Holcim Ltd. engages in the manufacture, processing and distribution of cement and aggregates. The company also provides consulting, research, trading, engineering and other services. Its products also include ready-mix concrete, asphalt, crushed stone, gravel, and sand. The company’s operations are carried out through the following segments: Cement, Aggregates, and Other Construction Materials and Services. The Cement segment provides wide range of cementations materials and also develops customized blends for special applications. The Aggregates segment includes crushed stone, gravel and sand. The Other construction materials and services segment comprises ready-mix concrete, concrete products, asphalt, construction and paving, trading and other products and services. Holcim was founded on February 15, 1912 and is headquartered in Jona, Switzerland.

“Holcim History

In almost a century, Holcim has grown from humble beginnings in a Swiss village to become one of the world’s leading construction materials companies.

1912 – Swiss roots

1920’s – Crossing borders

1945-1970 – Expansion to America

1970’s – Heading eastwards

1980’s – Further expansion into new markets

1990’s – Human capital is our most important asset

2001 – A new brand

2005 – Set foot in India

2008 – Further strengthening of presence in world’s fastest growing region

2009 – Expansion to Australia

2012 – Holcim turns 100 years old”

On 10 July 2015 Lafarge merged with Holcim, to create LafargeHolcim.

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**Video published on YouTube by “Holcim Lanka