Hyundai Wia Corp. history, profile and corporate video

 Hyundai Wia Corp. engages in the production and sale of automotive parts. It operates through the following business areas: Machinery, Automotive Parts, Defense, Industrial Machinery, Satellite, and Global Business. The Machinery business provides machine tools, factory automation equipments, and industrial robots. The Automotive Parts business manufactures automotive module, engine, and parts. The Defense business offers firearms and aircraft parts. The Industrial Machinery business produces plants and press. The Satellite business provides space image information production services. The Global business offers machinery, automotive parts, automotive engine, components and materials, and molding businesses. The company was founded on March 29, 1976 and is headquartered in Changwon, South Korea

“Hyundai Wia History

1976-1979 Base Construction of the foundation

  • 1976 Founding the company
  • 1977 Beginning the production of machine tools
  • 1979 Beginning the production of transmission for vehicles

1980-1989 Settlement and Growth


  • Development of machine center for the first in Korea


  • Foundation TSCL company (jointed with TRW company, USA)


  • Undertaking and unification of Chanwong plant, Korea heavy industry


  • Establishment of research institute for Kia mechanic technology


  • Completion of Changwon-Jeongdong plant


  • Foundation of a local subsidiary in USA
  • Completion of beginning test building
  • Complete of Ansan-Banwol plant

1990-1999 Challenge and Change


  • Completion of Kwangju plant


  • Opening the pavilion for machine tool
  • Developing the localization of airplane landing gear


  • Awarding the prize of value renovation (VE)
  • Awarding the tower for 50 million dollar exportsx


  • Alteration of company name to Kia heavy industry
  • Awarding the tower of industrial peace
  • Awarding the prize of plant renovation (IE)
  • Awarding the tower for 1 billion dollar exports


  • Selected as top ranking company of the capital and labor cooperation
  • Korea-Japan joint development of machine tool vertical shelve (CX-1) (Japan, Hitachi Sheyki)


  • Joint development of the landing gear in commercial airplane (France, Mesia Dauti)


  • Merging Hyundai and Kia, Inauguration of CEO, Kim Pyunggi
  • Developing the act compaign of consciousness reformation



  • Alteration of company name to WIA Corp
  • Swearing rally for Jump 2000 quality renovation
  • Exceeding the production of C.V.J 3 million units


  • Participation and display on the exhibition of foreign auto parts (Detroit, Tokyo and France)
  • Opening the first exhibition of machine tool of WIA Corp
  • Acquisition of QS9000 for auto parts and ISO 14000 for environment sector


  • Opening the 2nd exhibition of machine tool with the company
  • Participation on the international exhibition of machine tool
  • Advance to China casting business


  • Participation on Korea Air show and CIMT 2003


  • Advance to automotive module business


  • Opening the 3rd exhibition of machine tool
  • Advance to engine business
  • Merger Hyundai and Kia machine tool


  • Winning the President prize (Fire fighting robot)
  • Opening the 4th exhibition of WIA Machine
  • Winning the Minister prize of Knowledge Economy (HS500 Horizontal Machining Center)


  • Participation on Robo World 2007
  • Extension of T/F (Sub transmission) 4.5 million units and C.V. Joint China plant construction
  • Completion of the engine plant in China


  • Acquisition of ISO 27001 certification
  • Completion of machine tools plant in China


  • Alteration of company name to HYUNDAI WIA Corporation
  • Shipment of Line Center WH63Tm fighting plane for the first time
  • Business advance for electrical coupling
  • Completion of engine2, stamping die and casting plant


  • Extension of machine tools plant in Changwon
  • Inauguration of Lheem Heung Soo, CEO”

*Information from Forbes.com and Wikipedia.org

**Video published on YouTube by “HYUNDAI WIA Worldwide