Joy Global (Komatsu Mining Corp.)

    Joy Global, Inc. history, company profile (overview) and corporate video

       Joy Global Inc. (now Komatsu Mining Corp.) was a company that manufactured heavy equipment used in both underground and surface mining. It is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States.

       Joy equipment is used in all areas of underground mining, including energy minerals such as coal, industrial minerals such as salt, and hard rock minerals such as copper and iron.


    The Joy-branded product lines featured:

    • Room and pillar/entry development equipment, including continuous miners, entry drivers, bolting systems, haulage systems, feeder breakers, and loaders;
    • Industrial mineral equipment, including continuous miners, haulage systems, and feeder breakers;
    • Longwall systems, including longwall shearers, powered roof supports, armoured face conveyors, and stageloaders/mobile tail pieces;
    • Hard rock equipment, including drills, loaders, and trucks;
    • Conveyor equipment, including high angle conveyors, fully engineered conveying systems, conveyor components, and related equipment such as crushers.


       Joy Global was founded in 1919 as Joy Machine Company by Joseph Joy in Evansville, Indiana.

       In 1924, the company moved to Franklin, Pennsylvania (where it is still manufacturing its extensive product line of underground mining equipment).

       In 1938, the company shipped its very first shuttle car – the Model 2ET-1D.

       In 1948, the company produced its first continuous miner – Model 3JCM

       In 1976, the company produced its first longwall shearer.

       In 1994, Harnischfeger Industries (later known as P&H Mining Equipment) purchased Joy Mining Machinery. The two companies continued to operate independently.

       Harnischfeger’s origins date back to 1884 when Alonzo Pawling and Henry Harnischfeger formed a machine and pattern shop to manufacture, assemble and service components and equipment needed by other, larger manufacturing firms in the region. The company became known as Harnischfeger Corporation in 1911 and became a conglomerate known as Harnischfeger Industries, Inc. in 1983.

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       In 1997, Joy Mining Machinery acquired Longwall International (one of the leading lines of longwall equipment).

       In 2001, Joy Global Inc. became the direct successor to Harnischfeger Industries, Inc.

       In 2006, Stamler, one of the most popular feeder breaker and battery hauler equipment in the mining industry, was acquired.

       In 2008, Continental Global Inc., one of the worldwide leaders in conveyor systems for bulk material handling in mining and other industrial applications, was acquired.

       In 2008, Goodman-Hewitt – a field-tested conveying equipment product portfolio that includes high quality idlers, pulleys, and other critical conveying equipment built to exacting CEMA requirements – was also acquired.

       In 2012,  IMM – a group of underground mining equipment companies in China – was acquired and their roadheader, controls, and shearer products were brought into the Joy room and pillar and longwall product lines.

       In 2017, Komatsu Limited acquired Joy Global Inc. and changed the trade name to Komatsu Mining Corp.

       With more than 10.000 employees Joy Global Inc. (now Komatsu Mining Corp.) was considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World, according to Forbes.

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