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     JTEKT Corp. engages in the manufacture and sale of bearings, machine tools, driveline components, and steering products. It operates through the Machinery Parts and Machine Tools segments. The Machinery Parts segment includes steering, bearing, and driveline components. The Machine Tools segment consists of grinders, specialized machines, machining centers, control equipment, and industrial heat treating furnaces. The company was founded on January 1, 2006 and is headquartered in Osaka, Japan.

    “Jtekt Corporate vision

    JTEKT has announced our goal of year 2015 under prospects for year 2020 in a vision, for the purpose of becoming an enterprise group more needed by customers and the society.



    Achievement of the company’s dream
    Enable JTEKT as a “monozukuri” company to contribute to people’s happiness and the betterment of society through providing products and services truly desired by customers
    Realization of each employee’s potential
    Enable each employee to obtain the joy, satisfaction and recognition that results from contributing to society through corporate activities and to achieve continual personal growth

    Corporate Objectives

    1. Be a “monozukuri” company friendly to the global environment
    Provide energy/resource-saving recyclable products
    2. Be a company that promotes living and work environment improvements by providing safe, reliable, pleasurable-to use products
    Products that prevent accident occurrence and improve safety
    Products and equipment that are easy for anyone to use
    3. “Be a company that sees market changes as business opportunities and continues to grow throughout the world”
    Elevate JTEKT Group’s global presence by world top-level quality
    Create new products, services and business utilizing the group’s total capability

    ■Strengthen approach to emerging countries
    ■Boost field of business to be strengthened
    • ăƒ»ă€Mobility】Determination to survive in the automobile field
    • ăƒ»ă€Infrastructure】Expansion of technology range
    • ăƒ»ă€Life】Pioneering new fields
    • ăƒ»ă€Energy】Contribution to environment
    • ăƒ»ă€Factory】Pursue of energy saving and ecology → Smart factory
    ■Strengthened product competitiveness
    • ・Suggestion of solutions with lifetime support
    • ・Contribute to customer satisfaction (CS) with cooperation beyond theoperation headquarters
    4. “Be a truly global company that is a good corporate citizen with an excellent social and cultural understanding of each world region”
    Obtain strong awareness of and trust in the JTEKT brand around the world

    ■Management common to the world
    • ・Compliance
    ■Management adjusting to local
    • ・Regional contribution
    • ・Respect of atmosphere and culture of each world region”

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