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    Korea Zinc Company, Ltd. history, profile and corporate video

     Korea Zinc Company, Ltd. is a Korea-based company engaged in the provision of non-ferrous metals. The Company produces zinc product, including special high grade (SHG) zinc slab ingots, zinc alloy jumbo blocks, zinc anode ingots, zinc die casting ingots; lead products, including lead ingots and lead alloy ingots, and copper products. It also provides precious metal products, including gold ingots and silver ingots, and rare materials, including indiums, bismuths and others, as well as sulfuric acids, electronic grade sulfuric acids and fuming sulfuric acids.”

    “About Korea Zinc

    Korea Zinc Co., Ltd. Established in August 1974 has grown to a world class general non-ferrous metal smelting company that produces about 1 million tons of total 18 types of non-ferrous metals from zinc to lead, gold, silver, and copper as well as rare metals such as indium and gallium within 30 years after establishment through ceaseless technology development and facility investment since it completed construction of a zinc smelting plant of 50,000 ton annual capacity in 1978.

    Korea Zinc is fully playing its role as an industrial foundation of Korea for basic materials including zinc used to prevent corrosion of steel products such as various steel plates or steel pipes of which the world market share of Korea Zinc is 8% when those of the sister company Young Poong and a subsidary company like SMC in Australia are included, lead which is used as a raw material for industrial and vehicular batteries and electric wire coating material, copper which, after being processed into diverse forms such as bronze or copper pipe, is essential for the national key industries, gold and silver of which the utilization value for the industries like semiconductor and photovoltaic power generation is increasing, and indium and gallium which are used as key materials for high technology devices such as solar cells and LED.”

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