Steel Dynamics

    Steel Dynamics, Inc. history, company profile (overview) and history video

       Steel Dynamics, Inc. is a steel producer headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States.


       Steel Dynamics was founded in 1993.

       In 1996, the company began steel production at its first greenfield EAF flat roll steel mill in Butler, Indiana.

       In 1996, Steel Dynamics also went public on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.

       In 2006, the company acquired Roanoke Electric Steel, adding two EAF steel mills to the company’s operations.

       In 2007, the company added a recycling platform to its operations by acquiring OmniSource. It also expanded its flat roll steel galvanizing capacity by acquiring The Techs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

       In 2014, Columbus Flat Roll Division was acquired.

       In 2016, Steel Dynamics acquired Acquired Vulcan, a special-bar-quality steel fabrication facility, and entered the threaded rod market.

       In 2018, the company acquired Heartland in Terre Haute, Indiana.

       In 2019, Steel Dynamics acquired 75% of the equity interest of United Steel Supply, LLC, a distributor of painted and coated flat roll steel coil.

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       Steel Dynamics operates through the following segments: Steel Operations, Steel Fabrication and Metals Recycling.

    Steel Operations

       The Steel Operations segment produces steel products, including hot roll, cold roll, and coated sheet steel, structural steel beams and shapes, rail, engineered special-bar-quality steel, cold finished steel, merchant bar products, and specialty steel sections.

    Steel Fabrication

       The Steel Fabrication segment focuses on structural steel joist and deck building systems.

    Metals Recycling

       The Metals Recycling segment collects and processes ferrous and nonferrous scrap from manufacturing and end-of-life items, such as automobiles, appliances, and machinery.

       With more than 10,000 employees, Steel Dynamics, Inc. is considered one of the largest and most diversified steel producers and metals recyclers in the United States. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World.

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