LKQ Corporation history, company profile (overview) and history video

   LKQ Corporation is an auto parts manufacturer, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, United States. It provides alternative aftermarket, specialty salvage and recycled auto parts, with operations in North America, Europe, and Taiwan.

   The company offers a wide range of replacement discount auto parts including remanufactured engines and transmissions, components, equipment, as well as OE aftermarket parts.


   LKQ Corporation was founded in 1998 by Donald Flynn. LKQ Corporation was formed with the first 3 acquisitions: Triplett Auto Recyclers, Damron Auto Parts and Star Auto Parts.

   In 2003, LKQ went public on the NASDAQ market exchange.

   In 2004, LKQ entered the aftermarket parts business by acquiring Action Crash Parts.

   In 2006, LKQ acquired Transwheel/ Transmetco, and entered to the restored aluminum wheels market.

   In 2007, Keystone Automotive Industries was acquired.

   In 2008, LKQ entered the heavy-duty truck recycling business by acquiring Texas Best Diesel.

   In 2009, LKQ acquired its largest recycled parts competitor, GreenLeaf Auto Recyclers. Ford Motor Company entered the recycled parts business as “GreenLeaf” in 1999.

   In 2010, LKQ got into the remanufacturing space by acquiring PROFormance, an engine rebuilder.

   In 2011, LKQ acquired ATK Vege Engines and Yamato.

   In 2011, LKQ also entered the United Kingdom with the acquisition of Euro Car Parts, one of the largest aftermarket hard parts distributors in the UK.

   In 2013, the company acquired the aftermarket parts distributor Sator Beheer, in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Northern France.

   In 2014, LKQ entered the specialty aftermarket equipment and accessories business by acquiring Keystone Automotive Operations.

   In 2016, LKQ acquired the holding company of Rhiag-Inter Auto Parts Italia S.p.A. (“Rhiag”), a leading pan- European business-to-business distributor of aftermarket spare parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. LKQ operations expanded into Italy, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland, and Spain.

   In 2016, LKQ also acquired Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW), one of the leading global manufacturers of automotive glass products.

   In 2018, the company acquired Stahlgruber GmbH (“Stahlgruber”), a wholesale distributor of aftermarket spare parts for passenger cars, tools, capital equipment and accessories with operations in Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and Switzerland.

   In 2019, LKQ acquired Elite Electronics, specializing in various automotive diagnostic and repair services.

   In 2021, Elitek Vehicle Services was created, and LKQ has expanded upon replacement parts and into the area of automotive diagnostic and repair services.


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  • Platinum Pro;
  • Platinum Plus;
  • Robinair;
  • Keystone Automotive Industries;
  • LKQ Corporation Global;
  • LKQ North America;
  • LKQ Pick Your Part;
  • LKQ Canada;
  • LKQ Canada (French Speaking);
  • LKQ Heavy Truck;
  • ATK High Performance Engines;
  • Goodmark Industries;
  • Euro Car Parts;
  • Auto Parts Outlet;
  • Keystone Automotive Operations;
  • LKQ India;
  • Fource;
  • Atracco;
  • Rhiag Italy;
  • Rhiag Switzerland;
  • Elit;
  • Platinum HD;
  • Auto Kelly;
  • Láng;
  • Sim Impex;
  • Stahlgruber;
  • Elitek Vehicle Services;
  • Auto Data Labels.

   With more than 45.000 employees, LKQ Corporation is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World, according to Forbes.

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**Video published on YouTube by “LKQ Corporation, Inc.