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    NCR Corporation history, company profile (overview) and history video

       NCR Corporation (formerly National Cash Register) is a global technology company engaged in creating software and hardware. It is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.


    • Banking Solutions;
    • Restaurant Solutions;
    • Retail Solutions;
    • ATM Network Solutions;
    • Payment Solutions;
    • Telecom & Technology Solutions.


       NCR’s history began in 1881 when a group of investors acquired Ritty’s cash register, company and patents. After that, the new owners established National Manufacturing Company.

       In 1884, John H. Patterson became the majority owner in the National Manufacturing Company, and renamed it to the National Cash Register Company, maker of the first mechanical cash registers.

       In 1921, NCR began manufacturing the Class 2000 accounting machines.

       In 1928, NCR bought the Ellis Adding Typewriter Company which produced a machine that combined a typewriter with an adding machine in one unit.

       In 1952, NCR acquired the Computer Research Corporation (CRC), which produced a line of digital computers with applications in aviation.

       In 1960, NCR developed the NCR 315, a general-purpose business computer.

       In 1974, National Cash Register Company changed its name to NCR Corporation.

       In 1979, NCR acquired Com-ten, Inc., a data communications technology provider.

       In 1991, NCR was acquired by AT&T.

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       In 1991, NCR also announced the acquisition of Teradata.

       In 1997, AT&T spun off NCR, which became an independent, publicly traded company.

       In 1997, NCR also acquired Dataworks, a developer of check-processing software, and Compris Technologies, Inc. a provider of store automation and management software for the food-service industry.

       In 2003, NCR acquired Kinetics, a provider of self-service check-in.

       In 2007, NCR announced a spinoff of Teradata, which was the company’s data-warehousing business.

       In 2009, NCR acquired NetKey to provide end-to-end kiosk and digital signage solutions.

       In 2011, the company acquired Radiant Systems, the developer of the Aloha POS.

       In 2013, NCR acquired Retalix, a provider of retail software and services.

       In 2014, the company acquired Digital Insight Corporation, entering the Digital Banking solutions sector.

       In 2018, NCR acquired JetPay, entering into end-to-end payments processing. It also acquired StopLift, to prevent self-checkout fraud, and ZipScene, a data analytics provider.

       With more than 34,000 employees in over 160 countries, NCR Corporation is considered one of the world’s largest enterprise technology companies for restaurants, retailers and banks. It is also considered one of the world’s leading companies in Multivendor ATM Software. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World.

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