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       Nidec Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of motors and motor application products headquartered in Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan. It develops, manufactures, and sells small precision motors, automotive motors, home appliance motors, commercial and industrial motors, motors for machinery, electronic and optical components, and other related products.

       The company was established in July 1973 when Shigenobu Nagamori founded Nippon Densan Corporation in a small prefabricated shed with only four employees.

       In August 1973, the company started production and sales of small precision AC motors.

       In April 1975, Nidec America Corp. was established.

       In January 1978, Nidec Torin Corp. was established jointly with Torin Corp., an American fan manufacturer, to make full-scale inroads into the fan and blower market.

       In February 1984, the axial-flow fan business was acquired from American company Torin Corporation, and established Nidec Torin Corporation in America.

       In March 1989, Nidec Singapore Pte. Ltd. was established.

       In August 1990, Nidec Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established.

       In February 1992, Nidec (Dalian) Ltd. was established.

       In October 1992, Nidec Taiwan Corp. was established.

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       In April 1993, Nidec Electronics GmbH was established..

       In December 1995, Nidec Philippines Corp. was established.

       In December 1997, Nidec Tosok (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. was established through a joint investment with Tosok Corp.

       In February 1998, P.T. Nidec Indonesia was established.

       In October 1998, Shibaura Nidec Corp. was established through a joint investment with Shibaura Mechatronics Corp. and Toshiba Corp.

       In March 1999, Nidec Precision (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. was established.

       In April 1999, Nidec General Service Corporation was established through a joint investment with Nidec Shimpo Corp., Tosok Corp., Copal Co., Ltd., Shibaura Nidec Corp., Nidec-Kyori Corp., and Nidec-Read Corp.

       In December 1999, Nidec Korea Corp. was established.

       In October 2000, Nidec Hi-Tech Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established.

       In January 2001, Nidec Precision Philippines Corp. was established.

       In Arpil 2002, Nidec System Engineering (Zhejiang) Corp. was established.

       In June 2002, Nidec (Dongguan) Ltd. was established.

       In April 20003, Nidec (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd. was established.

       In October 2005, Nidec Vietnam Corp. was established.

       In February 2006, Nidec Automobile Motor (Zhejiang) Corp. was established.

       In December 2006, Nidec Motors & Actuators was established by acquiring the motor and actuator business of Valeo S.A., a French company.

       In September 2009, Nidec Techno Motor Holdings Corporation was established.

       In October 2010, Nidec Motor Corporation was established by acquiring the Motors & Controls business of Emerson Electric Co., an American company. Established Nidec Motor Holdings Corporation as its holding company.

       In March 2012, SC Wado Component (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. was established as the first operating base in Cambodia.

       In September 2012, Nidec US Holdings Corporation was established in the U.S. This holdings company acquired Avtron Industrial Automation, Inc.


       Since its founding, Nidec has acquired a number of companies. Some of the most important include:

       In June 2012, Nidec acquired Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali S.p.A. which became Nidec ASI.

       In November 2012, Nidec US Holdings Corporation in the U.S. acquired  Kinetek Group Inc.

       In March 2012, Honda Elesys Co., Ltd. was acquired.

       In September 2015, Italy-based E.M.G. Elettromeccanica S.r.l.’s assets were acquired.

       In May 2016, E.C.E. S.r.l. of Italy and ANA IMEP S.A. (currently Nidec Motor Corporation Romania) of Romania were acquired.

       In December 2016, Canton Elevator, Inc. of the U.S was acquired.

       In January 2017, Nidec Leroy-Somer Holding and Nidec Control Techniques Limited were established by acquiring the motors, drives, and electric power generation businesses of Emerson Electric Co.

       In March 2017, Vamco International, Inc. of the U.S was acquired.

       In July 2017, LGB Elettropompe S.r.l. of Italy and Secop Group of Germany were acquired.

       In October 2017, the business of Tokyo Maruzen Industry Co., Ltd. and SV Probe Pte. Ltd. of Singapore were acquired.

       In November 2017, driveXpert GmbH of Germany was acquired.

       In May 2018, Nidec Corporation and French car manufacturer Groupe PSA complete the establishment of a joint venture (Nidec PSA emotors).

       In July 2018, Italy’s CIMA S.p.A. was acquired.

       In February 2019, Nidec completed the acquisition of Systeme + Steuerungen GmbH and its group companies

       In March 2019, Nidec completed the acquisition of DESCH Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG and its group companies

       In July 2019, Nidec completed the acquisition of Embraco, Whirlpool Corporation’s compressor business

       In October 2019, Nidec and GAC components completed the establishment of the joint venture for Automotive Traction Motors(Guangzhou Nidec Auto Drive System Co., Ltd.)

       In October 2019, OMRON Automotive Electronics Co. Ltd was acquired.


       The Group operates through the following business segments: Small Precision Motor & Solutions Business, Automotive Motor & Electric Control Business, and Appliance & Industrial Motor Business.

    Small Precision Motor & Solutions Business

       The Small Precision Motor & Solutions Business offers small precision motors including motors for hard disk drives (HDDs), the UFF (an ultra-thin fan motor for notebook PCs), and motors used in such fields as white & compact appliances, IT & communications, industrial, environmental, and office automation & audiovisual equipment.

    Automotive Motor & Electric Control Business

       The Automotive Motor & Electric Control Business includes electric power steering (EPS) motors, which use Nidec’s core, high-performance brushless DC motor technology; electric brake motors; dual-clutch transmission (DCT) motors; electric pump motors; and a wide variety of compact-size brushed motors.

    Appliance & Industrial Motor Business

       The Appliance & Industrial Motor Business provides motors and compressors used in major appliances including air conditioners, clothes washers, and drying machines; motors for residences and commercial equipment; as well as industrial products such as motors, drive units, and electric generators.

       The group’s products are used in a wide range of business fields, such as Automotive Components,  Robotics, Home Appliances & Housing Equipment, Logistics / Agriculture, IoT Products, Haptic Devices, IT, Office Automation, Mobile Devices & Optical Components, Medical & Health Care Products, Electronic Parts & Sensors, Commercial & Professional Products, Industrial Machinery, or Processing / Inspection Equipment.

       With over 117 000 employees and more than 295 subsidiaries companies across Japan, Asia, Europe, and the Americas, Nidec Corporation is considered one of the largest motor manufacturers in the world. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the top 2000 largest public companies in the world.

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