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     Pall Corp. is a supplier of filtration, separation and purification technologies, principally made by the company using its engineering capability and fluid management expertise, proprietary filter media, and other fluid clarification and separations equipment for the removal of solid, liquid and gaseous contaminants from a wide variety of liquids and gases. The company operates its business through two segments: Life Sciences and Industrial. The Life Sciences segment focuses on developing, manufacturing and selling products to customers in the Medical, BioPharmaceuticals and Food & Beverage markets. The Industrial segment focuses on developing, manufacturing and selling products to customers in the Energy & Water, Aeropower and Microelectronics markets. Pall was founded on July 31, 1946 and is headquartered in Port Washington, NY.

    “Pall History

    Founded in 1946 as Micro Metallic Corporation. In 1953, Pall purchased an industrial building at 30 Sea Cliff Ave, Glen Cove, NY(occupied until 1999). In 1958, Pall Corporation constructed a building at 36 Sea Cliff Ave (occupied it until 1971, when Pall Corporation sold the building to August Thomsen). The company was renamed Pall Corp in 1957. In 1958 Pall began to develop filters for use in aircraft hydraulics, applied to the landing gears of American Airlines Boeing 707s. Then, Pall developed filters to purify jet fuel.

    Through the 1960s, the business expanded, with sales of $6.7 million in 1960. Pall Europe Limited formed in 1966. Pall Cortland was established in 1961, purchased from Trinity Equipment Company.

    In the 1970s, Pall became a leader in fine filtration. Sales reach $88 million in 1978. Major contribution in medical applications. Pall played a major role in the cleanup of the 1970 Three Mile Island nuclear accident.

    The company continued to grow in the 80’s and 90’s, adding applications and products. In the mid-80’s, Pall contributed to the construction of the Eurotunnel under the English Channel, providing solutions to hydraulic operations needed to bore through the channel bedrock. In 1988, they began selling a filter for blood transfusions that reduced leukocyte levels below all other existing filters. Centrisep air cleaners were integrated into U.S. Army and Royal Air Force (UK) helicopters to reduce sand and dust out of engines during Operation Desert Storm in 1991. In 1997 the company acquired Gelman sciences, and in 1998, Pall acquired Germam company Rochem.”

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