Pentair Ltd. profile and corporate video

 Pentair Ltd. engages in the manufacturing and servicing of highly engineered valves, actuation & controls, electric heat management solutions, and water transmission and distribution products. It operates through four segments: Water & Fluid Solutions, Valves & Controls, Technical Solutions and Other. The Water & Fluid Solutions segment designs, manufactures, markets and services innovative water management and fluid processing products and solutions and also offers pumps, valves and pipes for water transmission application. The Valves & Controls segment designs, manufactures, markets and services valves, fittings, automation and controls and actuators. The Technical Solutions segment manufactures and markets products that guard and protect some of the most sensitive electronics and electronic equipment, as well as heat management solutions designed to provide thermal protection to temperature sensitive fluid applications. The Other segment comprises of unallocated corporate expenses, intermediate finance companies, merger-related costs and divested operations. The company was founded on September 28, 2012 and is headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.


From the start, Pentair has been a company driven by vision, while grounded in the practical application of the best available ideas. Many of our acquired businesses and their products have a rich history that dates back more than 150 years. Stemmed in innovation, these organizations have designed and engineered some of the most important flow management and heat solution products in the industry.

Spanning the globe and dating as far back as 1859, these product lines have been an integral part of the industrialization of many countries, helping to engineer industry operations in energy and processing – as well as establishing important infrastructure in the construction of power plants and water pipelines.

We are a company comprising innovators and entrepreneurs. From the first self-regulated heat cable (Raychem) to the pilot-operated safety relief valve (Anderson Greenwood), we hold a number of patents for products essential to today’s industries.”

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