ProBuild Holdings history, profile and corporate video

 ProBuild supplies lumber and building materials to professional builders and contractors. ProBuild currently operates more than 450 lumber and building product distributions, manufacturing and assembly centers serving 45 U.S. states. ProBuild sells a broad selection of building materials including lumber and plywood, engineered wood, gypsum wallboard and other drywall products, millwork, trusses, roofing, siding products, tools, insulation materials, and metal and hardware specialties. The company’s manufacturing activities include trusses, wall panels, millwork, and pre-hung door and window fabrication. ProBuild’s construction services include the installation of framing, millwork, insulation and other products.”

“ProBuild Holdings History

ProBuild began in 1997 when Devonshire Investors acquired the Strober Organization, a leading supplier of building materials to professional builders and contractors in the Northeast. Over the next nine years, Strober acquired strong regional brands, extending its reach to the mid-Atlantic and Southeast markets. While each Strober brand operated independently, the backing of Devonshire Investors enabled them to offer more fully integrated solutions to local and regional builder customers.

By 2006, Strober was one of the largest professional building materials dealers in the United States. Devonshire Investors formed ProBuild to continue this expansion and provide unprecedented national coverage for builders and contractors. The subsequent acquisitions of Lanoga, Hope Lumber and Supply and others made ProBuild a leading coast-to-coast dealer in the United States with more than 400 locations nationwide.

Today, we plan to grow through internal expansion and by acquiring more successful regional organizations to add depth to our product lines and logistical expertise to your supply chain.”

*Information from Forbes.com and Probuild.com

**Video published on YouTube by “ProBuildTV