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    Rongsheng Petrochemical Co., Ltd. profile and corporate video

       Rongsheng Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is a China-based company principally engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and distribution of refining products, petrochemicals, and chemical fibers. It was founded on September 15, 1995, and is headquartered in Hangzhou, China.

       The company operates through its following business segments: petrochemical and chemical fiber.

    Petroleum Chemical

       The Petroleum Chemical segment involves crude oil, oil refining, Gasoline, Diesel, Aviation Kerosene, Ethylene, Benzene, and others.

    Chemical Fiber

       The Chemical Fiber segment inlcudes PTA, polyester chips, polyester yarn, and others.

       Rongsheng has an annual production capability of 2 million tons of aromatic hydrocarbon, over 13 million tons of pure terephthalic acid (PTA), 2 million tons of PET, 1 million tons of POY and FDY, 0.45 millon tons of DTY. Rongsheng‘s total capability of PTA ranks the first of the world.

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       With more than 13 000 employees, Rongsheng Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is spreading over 41 countries all over the world, including China, America, France, Korea, Vietnam, Chile, Hongkong, Japan, Greece, and others. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the top 2000 largest public companies in the world.

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