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    SOHO China Ltd. history, company profile (overview) and history video

       SOHO China Ltd. is a real estate company headquartered in Beijing, China. It focuses on developing and holding commercial properties in Beijing and Shanghai.


       SOHO China’s predecessor, Beijing Redstone Industries Co. Ltd., was founded in 1955 by Mr. Pan Shiyi and Ms. Zhang Xin.

       In 2002, SOHO China was incorporated.

       In 2007, the company was listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

       In 2016, the company released phone signal and internet signal ranking for China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom at SOHO China Properties.

       In 2017, SOHO China sold Hongkou SOHO to Keppel Land China, Alpha Investment Partners and a third unnamed co-investor. Both Keppel Land and Alpha are subsidiaries of Keppel Group.

       In 2019, SOHO China and China Telecom signed a 5G strategic agreement to provide a 5G network for users in SOHO China buildings.

       With more than 1,500 employees, SOHO China Ltd. is considered one of the largest property developers in China. According to Forbes, it is considered one of the Largest Public Companies in the World.

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